Evander Holyfield takes a beating from Vitor Belfort on his return to boxing at 58

Vitor Belfort noquea a Evander Holyfield

In a pitiful way, Evander holyfield was knocked out in the same first round in his comeback fight at age 58 against Vitor Belfort Saturday night in Hollywood, Florida.

As soon as the bell rang, the former world heavyweight champion was beaten down by a Vitor Belfort he had no mercy on Holyfield.

The first time, Holyfield He was about to fall and was left hanging from the ropes, although it was considered a slip. Subsequently, Holyfield He hit the canvas again in a mix of stumbling and a three-punch combo, including a pair of upares that entered the legendary former champion’s guard.

As soon as Holyfield rejoined, Belfort it was for him. He punished him with a left straight that went dry to the face of Evander who resented it. He immediately went into survival mode. Belfort went to finish it off with a series of blows that Evander He did not know how to get out, until the referee intervened to stop the fight.

The fight was an evidence of the dangers involved in going beyond the line that defines the exhibitions of competitive fights endorsed by the commissions. This fight between Holyfield and Belfort It was an official fight, which went to the professional record of both, and that was stipulated since it was Oscar de la hoya who would face Vitor Belfort.

Evander holyfieldWhile he looks flawless physically, he was slow on his hands and reflexes. He practically did not throw blows, and did not see any of the shipments coming from Belfort. The sensation in the television broadcast, and in the audience present was one of pity and sadness. Seeing a legend in these conditions has no reason to be. The fighters have as much responsibility as the authorities themselves who agreed to sanction that fight.

The place of legendary veterans like Mike tyson or Evander holyfield It is in the exhibitions, where nostalgia is appealed to, where the blows are only marked. These fighters are no longer required to do anything in competitive professional boxing.

Evander Holyfield vs. Vitor Belfort

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