“It was not a robbery,” Timothy Bradley analyzes Oscar Valdez’s first defense

Óscar Valdez y Timothy Bradley

Timothy bradley, former professional boxer and analyst for ESPN, did not consider that the triumph of Oscar Valdez upon Robson Conceicao to make the first successful defense of the super feather belt of the CMB.

“It wasn’t a robbery, I didn’t like the 117-110 card, I don’t know what fight this guy saw,” he said to Fighthype. “They should fire him. Valdez He followed his script, but I still believe the only way to get over him is to box better than him and knock him out. Making fun was what cost the fight to Conceicao and that left Valdez enter, lost all moment. He gave power shots and clearer. To win you have to keep fighting and not dancing around the ring ”.

Although the American saw that the Sonoran won, he assured that the mental situation affected the performance of Oscar against the Brazilian and did not show his best version.

Valdez He did not give his best version tonight, it was seen that he went through a bad psychological moment ”, he commented. “Conceicao he did things well and looked very solid at first, but then he started playing around and ended up losing. “

For Tim, this version of Oscar It was very different from the one seen with Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt and asked him to face the winner of Jamel herring, 130-pound champion of the OMB, in view of Shakur stevenson.

“There are people like Shakur stevenson or Jamel herring”, He pointed. “If this version of him had come up against any of them, it would have been a nightmare. The fight will come and I’m looking forward to it. We saw that Valdez He can be beaten, but they have to be better than him by 12 rounds, if there is anyone who can do it, it is Shakur“.

Finally, Bradley reiterated that he has nothing personal against Valdez and he has the feeling that boxing can be harmed by people who take advantage of these gaps in the regulation to take advantage of it.

“I know I was very tough, but it was nothing personal,” he confessed. “I just think that others will not have the same opportunity after testing positive for something. The fact that this fight hurt boxing shouldn’t have been done. The reason I say this is because there may be an easy way out for those who want to take advantage of it. “

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