Los Tilos smiled at Regatas on the return of Joaquín Tuculet

Los Tilos smiled at Regatas on the return of Joaquín Tuculet

The set of Workers’ Quarter woke up in snap, beat Regattas from 28 to 21 and celebrated on the return of Joaquin Tuculet.

It was not just any afternoon on the court Los Tilos. It was a special game for the return of the former Los Pumas fullback and because the green team needed that emotional injection to continue adding in the position table of the URBA Top 12.

However, Juan Maio’s opening whistle showed Regattas owning the ball, and cornering Los Tilos against his own ingoal. At 2 minutes, the visit was already winning with a penalty of Matthew Camerlinckx, and at 12 ‘, came the try of Henry Camerlinckx to give more peace of mind to all Beautiful view.

Los Tilos showed problems in obtaining and it was difficult for him to supply the game to the backs who hoped to get the most out of the presence from the start of Joaquin Tuculet. But the only chance he had was made possible thanks to the power of his third line, Maximiliano alonso.

In the second half, the whole of the Workers’ Quarter reversed that image. He won the meeting points, evened the battle in the fixed formations and was able to deploy more game. Thus, the tries of the 3 arrived Tuculet who shared the court: Manuel, Mateo and Joaquín, so that the joy is complete.

The difference obtained in the first stage was not enough to Regattas, who was clearly outmatched in the second half and had no resources to counteract the reaction of the locals; although he got the bonus point on the end, with a penalty of Matthew Camerlinckx.


THE TILOS (28):: 1. Elio Basualdo, 2. Iván Korenblit, 3. Manuel Puertas, 4. Gianluca Broglia, 5. Martín Vergani, 6. Maximiliano Alonso, 7. Felipe Puertas, 8. Bautista Gatti; 9. Pedro Rodríguez Alcobendas, 10. Bautista Santamarina, 11. Tomas Fernández Armendáriz, 12. Joaquín Tuculet, 13. Bautista Roberti, 14. Mateo Tuculet (C), 15. Manuel Tuculet.

Changes: ST16 ‘Marcos Albina for Pedro Rodríguez Alcobendas; 23 ‘Cristian Ramírez for Elio Basualdo; 28 ‘Nicolás Craig for Martin Vergani; 38 ‘Tiago Bassagaisteguy for Bautista Roberti; Gastón Como by Bautista Gatti.

Trainers: Ramiro Bernal, Leandro Fioravanti and Eduardo Valiente.

RACES (21): 1. Diego Torres Agüero, 2. Pedro García Colinas, 3. Beltrán Landivar, 4. Esteban Sciandro, 5. Tomás Sanguinetti, 6. Agustín Medrano, 7. Santiago Camerlinckx, 8. Felipe Camerlinckx, 9. Marcos Joseph, 10. Mateo Camerlinckx, 11. Enrique Camerlinckx, 12. Rodrigo Jezik, 13. Juan Cruz Corso, 14. Felipe Torreguitar, 15. Cruz Camerlinckx.

Changes: ST- 11 ‘Nicolás Juárez Bosch by Tomás Sanguinetti and Franco Pisani by Felipe Torreguitar; 39 ‘Alejo Barrera for Rodrigo Jezik.

Trainers: Pablo Camerlinckx and Francisco Camerlinckx.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 2 ‘penalty by Mateo Camerlinckx (R); 12 ‘try by Enrique Camerlinckx converted by Mateo Camerlinckx (R); 22 ‘try by Maximiliano Alonso (LT); 26 ‘try by Enrique Camerlinckx (R); 35 ‘penalty by Mateo Camerlinckx (R).

Partial Result: LOS TILOS 5 – 18 REGATAS

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 10 ‘try by Manuel Tuculet (LT); 16 ‘try by Mateo Tuculet (LT); 24 ‘penalty from Bautista Santamarina (LT); 30 ‘penalty from Bautista Santamarina (LT); 39 ‘try by Joaquín Tuculet converted by Bautista Santamarina (LT); 40 ‘penalty by Mateo Camerlinckx (R).

Final score: LOS TILOS 28 – 21 RACES


REFEREE: Juan Sebastián Maio.

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