SIC had an unstoppable start and thrashed ALMOST

SIC had an unstoppable start and thrashed ALMOST

Left no doubts, had a first time that brushed the perfection and did not forgive ALMOST. The SIC won, liked and thrashed. He took the classic for a baggy 41-15 by 7th date of the URBA Top 12 and shares the top of the standings with Newman.

Come and dare to dream of this SIC than in the first classic since the return of rugby all the adrenaline crumbled that surrounds this type of encounter in 5´ with Tomás Meyrelles, the captain of the team and figure of the match, as the great protagonist. The eighth scored two tries, Joaquín Lamas converted them and the SIC began to win the classic 14-0.

At 25 ‘Meyrelles entering for the second time with the maul already he had his triplet in his pocket. The ALMOST did not stand up, it vanished in each attack and above all it showed serious cracks in defense to stop the local attacks. By Boulogne the party was complete, because Joaquín Lamas cut himself and gave the pass to Mateo Madero that ended the play in the ingoal. Not to mention when the rapture of applause was added Jacinto Campbell with another try (great previous feint by Carlos Piran) to start round up the win.

That sun that shone for Boulogne was transformed into a gray cloud to the academics that they could not weave danger. They lost contact and looked overwhelmed by a SIC that imposed conditions. Sumo a penalty with Martín Roger and in the epilogue managed to reach the ingoal with a quick infraction played by Agustín Figuerola and Matías Phelan finished to add five points.

With the 34-8 partial, the host received him ALMOST in the complement with a try: a great collective move that started the Joaquín Lamas finished after 5 passes. From there, the champion lifted his foot off the accelerator, gave prominence to the ALMOST that he insisted with his own love and just about the end he managed to reach the try with Jerónimo Solveyra. However, at that point in the game, the SIC had long known that the classic already had an owner.


SIC (41): 1- Marcos Piccinini, 2- Andrea Panzarini, 3- Segundo Aguilar; 4- Lucas Sommer, 5- Marcos Borghi; 6- Alejandro Daireaux, 7- Tomás Comissati, 8- Tomás Meyrelles (C), 9- Juan Soares Gache, 10- Joaquín Lamas, 11- Mateo Madero, 12- Justo Piccardo, 13- Carlos Pirán, 14- Jacinto Campbell, 15 – Gastón Arias.

Changes: ST, 8 ‘Federico Haedo by Alejandro Daireaux, 21’ Mateo Albanese by Juan Soares Gache, 25 ‘Juan Francisco Pachano and Gonzalo Hughes by Marcos Piccinini and Segundo Aguilar, 38’ Agustín Corral by Tomás Comissati.

Trainers: Santiago González Bonorino, Lucas Cilley and Eduardo Victorica.

ALMOST 15): 1- Martín Brousson, 2- Facundo Scaiano, 3- Ignacio Nieto Sánchez; 4- Leonardo Mazzini, 5- Tomás Carman, 6- Luis Briatore, 7- Agustín Posleman, 8- Vicente Boronat; 9- Agustín Figuerola (C), 10- Martín Roger; 11- Joaquín Palisa, 12- Matías Phelan, 13- Benjamín Belaga, 14- Tomás Descalzo, 15- Tobías Casaurang.

Changes: ST, 1 ‘Bautista Bernasconi by Facundo Scaiano, 8’ Hugo Garcia by Ignacio Nieto Sanchez, 15 ‘Jerónimo Solveyra by Joaquín Palisa, 26’ Joaquín Sáez by Agustín Posleman, 29 ‘Facundo Scaiano by Martín Brousson, 39’ Ignacio Nieto Sánchez by Hugo Garcia.

COACH: Patricio O’Reilly.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 2 and 5´Tries by Tomás Meyrelles converted by Joaquín Lamas (S), 15 ‘penalty by Martín Roger (C), 19’ penalty by Joaquín Lamas (S), 24 ‘Try by Tomás Meyrelles (S), 27’ Try by Mateo Madero converted by Joaquín Lamas (S), 31´ Try by Jacinto Campbell (S), 40´ Try by Matías Phelan (C).

Partial Result: SIC 34-8 ALMOST

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 2´ Try by Joaquín Lamas converted by himself (S), 37´ Try by Jerónimo Solveyra converted by Martín Roger (C).

WARNED: PT: 25´ Vicente Boronat (C). ST: 28´ Juan Francisco Pachano (S).


REFEREE: Pablo Deluca.

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