The reactions of journalists, analysts and boxers to the triumph of Óscar Valdez

Óscar Valdez ganó por decisión unánime

The triumph of Oscar Valdez upon Robson Conceicao By unanimous decision he unleashed controversy in the boxing environment. Fighters and analysts shared their views on the fight that was Valdez’s first successful defense of the super featherweight belt.

During the first half of the fight, Conceicao He took advantage of his greater reach and that made it difficult for the Sonoran to shorten the distance, while the left jab and right right jab entered practically all night.

During the first few rounds, Eddy reynoso He asked for patience to select his shots and move faster to avoid the Brazilian’s blows, so to Oscar it was difficult for him to get into the fray.

Already for the second half, Valdez started to go forward, while Robson He tried to get away from the exchanges and began to run sideways and provoke the Mexican.

The judges saw win Oscar Valdez by unanimous decision by cards of 117-110, 115-112, 115-112, reason why the Brazilian was upset.

Some specialists saw the Brazilian win despite his mockery, others gave close scores and some took advantage of the situation to attack again. Valdez from taking phentermine.

Round 12: Valdez 10-9, Conceicao he just clowned around and the Mexican punished his body, “he wrote Dan rafael. “I have a Valdez as winner 115-112 ”.

“The statistics of blows do not serve to score a fight,” he added. Dan rafael. “If you see the breakdown of the combat, Conceicao he did most of his work in the first six rounds and then slowed down in the second half. Valdez domino”.

Valdez retains his 130-pound belt by unanimous decision 117-110, 115-112, 115-112, “he commented. Mike coppinger from ESPN. “Conceicao controlled the first 5 rounds, but it was diluted. He had Robson up 114-113, but he could go anywhere. Good fight. It seemed that the Brazilian had swept the first five, but a judge only gave him two and another three. One more if he saw him winning all five ”.

“It seems that Robson Conceicao he swept in the first five rounds and only one judge gave him two of those rounds and another gave him three, “he added. Coppinger. “A third judge scored the first five rounds for Conceicao“.

117-110 Conceicao”, He sentenced Fernando Barbosa, judge and analyst.

“A judge gave 3 of the first five rounds to Valdez“, wrote Julius Julianis from ESPN. And another judge gave two of the first five rounds to Valdez. If that is not corruption, let God come down and see it ”.

“It can’t be, keep finishing boxing,” he commented. Renato Bermúdez.

“Hey, Robson You must have been as aggressive in the second half of the fight as you were with Valdez after the decision, “he commented Steve Kim.

“This guy thinks he won, I’m dying of laughter,” he said Vergil Ortíz.

“They really try to convince us that Valdez won, incredible ”, he commented Sunny edwards. “141 punches landed against 83, still someone is 117-110. They let him cheat with prohibited substances and then they give him the cards ”.

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