URBA Top 12: Buenos Aires won its first match of the tournament against San Luis

URBA Top 12: Buenos Aires won its first match of the tournament against San Luis

Buenos Aires added its first win in the URBA Top 12. It beat San Luis 22-17 on the seventh round of the tournament and snapped a six-game losing streak.

The Marist proposed his “abc”: the line and the maul, and added to this the good footing of his fullback, Felipe Hernández. The Lion for his part used loose play a lot, keeping the ball alive for this general way the spaces to mark. From the initial kick off the match was constant back and forth without scoring points, until the azulgrana opened the scoring through a penalty from his fullback. At 15 minutes the first try of the meeting, when the wing Julian Pommerantz He managed to support for Victoria’s team, which had just been in numerical advantage due to a yellow card to Santiago Wallace.

With the pressure of a team that was coming over them and with a bench of substitutes without rest, Buenos Aires began to commit indiscipline that ended up costing him yellow card to Franco Baldoni. With that clean and jerk and one man too many, Saint Louis recovered scoring two converted tries for his fullback before going into halftime. The first through Franco Gnecco of maul; while the second was Teo Ferrari, who recovered the ball from an opponent’s handling error below the posts. So they went to rest 17 to 7.

In the beginning of second time both teams sought the initiative. San Luis proposed his game with the fowards while Buenos Aires began to relaunch its backs, which ended up generating a new conquest of the visit, this time from newcomer Gonzalo Outeiral.

From that moment on, Victoria’s team did not stop, immediately afterwards he scored a penalty and less than ten minutes later another try, now supported by Francisco Lamensa and converted by captain Agustín Peirano. Despite this, an unnecessary indiscipline on the part of Outeiral forced the visit to stay with one less man until the end of the match, which ended 22-17.


SAN LUIS (9): 1. Alan Oubiña © ️, 2.Exequiel Martínez, 3. Mateo Calistro, 4. Pedro Acerbo, 5. Santiago Wallace, 6. Nahuel Curti, 7. Franco Gnecco, 8. Santiago Canal, 9. Ignacio Castiglione, 10. Bautista Magliano, 11. Facundo Cúcolo, 12.Teo Ferrari, 13. Gonzalo Molina Ferrer, 14. Eduardo Ruesta, 15. Felipe Hernández.

Changes: ST- 50 ‘Matías Perisinoto by Santiago Wallace, 70’ Felipe Piatti by Nahuel Curti.

Trainers: Luciano Lazzarini, Carlos Hernán Nieto and Andrés Albina.

BUENOS AIRES:1. Facundo Cambiasso, 2. Tomás Rosasco, 3. Blas Coria, 4. Facundo Picca, 5. Franco Baldoni 6. Julián Pomerantz, 7. Ignacio Almasqué, 8. Jordi Dieguez, 9. Alejo Novo, 10. Francisco Lamensa, 11. Gonzalo Outeiral, 12. Agustín Lamensa, 13. Ramiro Costa, 14. Alfonso Latorre, 15. Agustín Peirano (C).

Changes: PT- 2 ‘Juan Francisco Rego Huidobro by Agustín Lamensa, 16’ Francisco Ibarra by Juan Francisco Rego Huidobro, 19 ‘Camilo Ihan by Facundo Picca, Juan Segundo Campbell by Jordi Dieguez.

Trainers: Gonzalo Camacho, Nicolás de Gregori.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 9 ‘penalty converted by Felipe Hernández (SL), 18’ try by Julián Pommeranz and converted by Agustín Peirano (BA), 30 ‘try by Franco Gnecco converted by Felipe Hernández (SL), 33’ try by Teo Ferrari converted by Felipe Hernández (SL).

PARTIAL RESULT: San Luis 17-7 Buenos Aires

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 45 ‘try by Gonzalo Outeiral, 53’ penalty converted by Agustín Peirano (BA), 62 ‘try by Francisco Lamensa converted by Agustín Peirano (BA), FINAL RESULT: San Luis 17-22 Buenos Aires

Admonished: PT- 20 ‘yellow to Santiago Wallace (SL), 29’ yellow to Franco Baldoni (BA) ST- 68 ‘red to Gonzalo Outeiral.


REFEREE: Simón Larrubia.

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