URBA TOP 12: Hindu beat Alumni

URBA TOP 12: Hindu beat Alumni

By the seventh date of the URBA Top 12, Hindú surpassed Alumni by 28 to 13 in a dispute for the first places of the championship and is 5 points behind the first: Newman and SIC.

From the start of the match the wind was an important factor, since you had to use the game with your foot based on this. Hindu was the first to put points on the scoreboard, with a Santiago Fernández criminal from the middle of the field and with the wind in favor, the visit hit from the start.

Alumni answered well with a try from Máximo Provenzano after a great sleight of hand from the backs. Despite passing in front of the scoreboard, the Tortuguitas men could not keep a calm mind and were the yellow which gave him complications. Due to this factor, the team led by Santiago Fernández managed to capitalize on the absence of local players with points.

For the second half, effectiveness took a vital role. Those from Tortuguitas arrived a lot but could not take points, while their opponents had a greater temperance and managed the game with the desperation of the locals. What closed a great afternoon of rugby for Hindu, was a tremendous individual play by Lisandro Rodríguez to silence Alumni’s hopes of a victory.

In the last minutes, the captained by Franco Battezzati showed flashes of good play and superiority, but time was not enough to reverse the result. On the next date, those of Don Torcuato will receive Pucará to continue climbing positions in the table and those of Tortuguitas will have a difficult match in Benavidez against one of the first of the table, Newman.


ALUMNI: 1. Sebastián Sosa, 2. Juan Garri, 3. Ezequiel Oliva, 4. Ignacio Milou, 5. Santiago Alduncin, 6. Ignacio Etchegoyen, 7. Mariano Romanini, 8. Tobías Moyano, 9. Tomás Passerotti, 10. Gonzalo Ambroa , 11. Luca Sábato, 12. Franco Battezzati (C), 13. Tomás Cubilla, 14. Alejo Gonzáles Chávez, 15. Máximo Provenzano.

CHANGES: ST 17 ‘Manuel Mora by Santiago Alduncin, 20’ Tomás Cornielle by Gonzalo Ambroa, 25 ‘Nicolás Frene by Sebastián Sosa, 31’ Santiago Vassolo by Mariano Romanini, 35 ‘Segundo Gaviña by Luca Sabato, 38’ Nicolás Frene by Maximiliano Oliva.

Coaches: Santiago Van der Ghote, Nahuel Neyra and Rodrigo Jimenez Salice.

HINDU: 1. Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa, 2. Agustín Capurro, 3. Nicolás Leiva, 4. Carlos Repetto, 5. Juan Comolli, 6. Nicolás Damorim, 7. Lautaro Bavaro, 8. Nicolás Amaya, 9. Lucas Pulido, 10. Santiago Fernández (C), 11. Federico Graglia, 12. Joaquín de la Vega, 13. Belisario Agulla, 14. Lisandro Rodríguez, 15. Martín Cancelliere.

CHANGES: ST 21 ‘Gonzalo Delguy by Carlos Repetto, Facundo Gattas by Nicolás Leiva, 24’ Lucas Camacho by Lucas Pulido, 34 ‘Federico Lavanini by Juan Comolli, 39’ Juan Gauthier by Nicolás Amaya.

COACH: Francisco Fernández Miranda, Hernán Senillosa and Juan Gauthier.

FIRST TIME POINTS: 7 ‘Santiago Fernández penalty, 16’ Try by Máximo Provenzano, 20 ‘Santiago Fernández penalty, 24’ Try by Nicolás D’Amorim and Santiago Fernández conversion, 31 ‘Try by Joaquín De la Vega.

POINTS SECOND TIME: 3 ‘penalty by Gonzalo Ambroa, 15’ try by Agustín Capurro, 34 ‘try by Lisandro Rodríguez, 39’ Try by Tomás Cubilla.

Admonished: PT 21 ‘yellow Ignacio Milou, ST 14’ yellow Máximo Provenzano.


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