This is how journalists and analysts reacted to the disappointing performance of Evander Holyfield

Así reaccionaron periodistas y analistas a la decepcionante actuación de Evander Holyfield

Evander holyfield, a heavyweight legend, did not make it past the first round in his fight against Vitor Belfort, causing sadness, confusion and even annoyance in the boxing guild.

The former world champion replaced Oscar de la hoya, who days after he tested positive for coronavirus and could not be in the race.

However, his return was not what was expected after his last fight as a professional, since from the first round he was slow and clumsy, so that after a fall he no longer responded and they stopped the confrontation.

The referee did not allow the fight to continue and stopped it before reaching the end of the round because there was no response, giving the Brazilian the victory by technical knockout.

The almost 60 years of Evander were evidenced in the fight, since he could do practically nothing before a Belfort that he had relatively little time to finish his career.

“It’s over, Belfort wins by TKO in the first round, “he wrote Dan Rafael. “The referee wanted me to continue Evander, but he had no other choice. The stellar event between Holyfield and Belfort and the co-star of Silva and Ortiz it lasted a total of 3 minutes and 10 seconds between them. If we haven’t hit rock bottom in boxing, may the Lord help us when it happens ”.

“It was something very difficult to see,” he said. Mike coppinger from ESPN. “The Florida Commission I should be ashamed I thought they could keep up like (Mike) Tyson and (Roy) Jones, and it was not so. The referee made the right decision to stop the fight. Holyfield It shouldn’t have been there ”.

“What a shame about boxing today in the Florida, Holyfield knocked out at almost 59 years old, “he said Jorge Eduardo Sanchez from ESPN. How far will the business go? Who gives the green light to this?

“Father time is still undefeated #HolyfieldBelfort“, wrote Salvador Rodriguez from ESPN.

“Ending the fight, Belfort not only challenged Canelo, he also said he would teach a lesson to Jake paul and Triller was added with an offer of 30 million for the winner “, he commented Erika montoya from Hobby. “(This is as if Sabadazo and Wwe they would have had a child) ”.

“You always have to be able to see the glass as half full: this week is over and it will be very difficult for there to be such a damaging week for boxing,” he added. Julius Julianis.

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