This was the sad way of Evander Holyfield to the dressing room after knockout against Belfort

Así fue el triste camino de Evander Holyfield al vestuario tras nocaut contra Belfort

Evander holyfield looked sad and disappointed, after falling by first round knockout on his comeback against Vitor Belfort.

In a video of Fight Hub TVIt is seen how the weight legend leaves the ring to enter the locker room and the questions that were asked were answered briefly.

“Of course they arrested her before,” she responded at first. Holyfield. “You all saw what happened.”

With few words and a confused face, Holyfield he seemed to sink into his own thoughts on his walk, as they had to repeat the questions.

“I really have nothing to say about it,” he added about whether he was disappointed, showing a disappointed face.

During the minute that the journey of Evander, passes by a place where fans yell at him and later asked him how he felt, but he had a hard time answering.

“What did you say?” The legend asked at first. “The truth is that I have nothing to say, is …”, he added seriously.

Subsequently Evander holyfield and his team entered an elevator, where he said about Belfort: “It was very organic. The guy was very aggressive and that’s what it’s all about ”.

On whether he hopes to return to the ring, he said quickly: “Of course I would get in the ring one more time with him and teach him.”

The fight

Evander holyfield He will turn 59 in October and his age was noticed in the ring, when he starred in the main fight against Vitor Belfort at Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida.

During the time that the contest lasted, Holyfield He was never able to close the distance and only threw the jab, and the few times he cheered up with the one-two he was slow and imprecise.

In the end, Vitor Belfort saw an opportunity and before the poor defense of Evander Holyfield, went to hunt him down and got the knockout before the end of the first round.

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