This was the uncomfortable moment between Bob Arum and Robson Conceicao after a controversial decision in favor of Óscar Valdez

Bob Arum y Robson Conceicao

Bob arum and Robson Conceicao experienced an uncomfortable moment when the Brazilian approached the president of Top rank to discuss the controversial unanimous decision in favor of Oscar Valdez.

In the middle of an interview by Fighthype what did they do to Arum, Robson He got out of the ring to talk to the promoter, who did not understand what he said and only replied that it was a “good fight” and a “close fight.”

Conceicao he is a great fighter. I saw him winning in the early rounds, but then Valdez he returned ”, he confessed Arum in the talk. “I was 115-112.”

Conceicao he pressed Valdez hard in the first half of the fight and complicated it with several straight lines that ended directly in the Mexican’s face.

However, he couldn’t keep up with that pace and was dedicated to moving around a lot and running away from exchanges in the latter part of the fight, while Oscar he pressed very hard.

Despite this, Arum He confessed that he was not surprised by the performance of the Brazilian, since he considers that he is a boxer of a very good level.

“I believe that Valdez was in shock because they haven’t seen Conceicao fight, ”he added. “It didn’t surprise me at all that he put up a great fight.”

Valdez versus the Herring-Stevenson winner?

At the end of the fight Oscar Valdez made it clear that he wants to go for the winner of the clash between Shakur stevenson and Jamel herring, situation that a Bob arum likes.

Despite the favoritism of Shakur, Arum asked not to underestimate Herring, since it could give a bell for its military past.

“That depends on the fighters,” he considered. “As long as they are reasonable and want to fight each other, I say go ahead. Never, never, never underestimate anyone. Stevenson he fights against an ex-marine, so be careful because anything can happen ”.

Herring has in his possession the super feather belt of the OMBTherefore, a future unification match between champions with the Mexican would seem like a highlight for boxing in the first quarter of 2022.

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