Who will win the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League? this says the forecasts of science and bookmakers

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Who will win the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League?  this says the forecasts of science and bookmakers

Not a minute of the group stage has been played yet and we are already thinking about who will be the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League champion, next May 28. ESPN.com Review what the forecasts of the Statistics and the bookmakers say to meet the favorites of science and the passion to raise the orejona in Saint Peterburg.

On the one hand, we review what the main bookmakers in the world pay, value that arises from the volume wagered, a few days before the start of the maximum competition of clubs in Europe. For the other, we consult the projections of FiveThirtyEight, a portal that constantly projects the chances of clubs to advance each round, and be champions, based on the Soccer Power Index (SPI) of ESPN and statistical analysis of their performances in all the games of the season. Let’s see the results:

PSG – Champion Chance: 4% / Pay: 4.33

Messi, Neymar and Mbappé. Soccer fans don’t need to hear anything else to make PSG the bookmaker favorite. Every ticket to see the European champion to the Qatari team in France just pay 4.33 times its value, on average. Statistics, on the other hand, have many more doubts. Pochettino’s ensemble is science’s 9th favorite, with just 4% chance of being champion. The main question is whether he will be able to build from such talent a team that can overcome the demanding Group A that he shares with Man. City and RB Leipzig. Despite giving him a score of 85.1 (SPI), they only assigned him a 55% chance to pass the zone and reach the 8th finals.

Man. City – Champion Chance: 20% / Pay: 5.5

The 2nd favorite for bettors is Guardiola’s City. Pay 5.5 times every coin bet to see him lift his 1st apricot. In addition to being the most valuable campus, science supports their favoritism. The blue side of Manchester is the highest ranked team by ESPN, 93.3 (SPI) and the numbers of their game They assign him, before the competition starts, a very high 20% chance of being the champion.

B. Munich – Champion Chance: 12% / Pay: 8.5

The German champion is the 3rd favorite in the bookmakers. Pay 8.5 to be champion. In this case, the Statistics also endorse it. The Bavarian team, with a score of 90.5 (SPI), has 12% of reaching the final and winning it.

Chelsea – Champion Chance: 9% / Pay: 9

The current European champion also appears among the great candidates. Bookmakers give you a 9 to 1 odds so that he can be crowned again. FiveThirtyEight they raise it to the podium of the favorites with a 9% chance of being statistically two-time champion. What the numbers do not doubt is that their group H is very accessible and that they will be in the 8th finals with a 92% probability.

Liverpool – Champion Chance: 9% / Pay: 10

Very close behind, Klopp’s Liverpool is running. Pay 10 times the bet on sports betting sites. The statistic assigns it a value of 89.3 (SPI) and the same chances of being champion as Tuchel’s team, 9% options.

Man. United – Champion Chance: 5% / Pay: 11

Cristiano Ronaldo’s United relies on its history and its revalued squad to dream of being champion. His odds for bettors is 11 to 1. Seen from the statistics, his game It barely gives you a 5% chance of playing the final and winning it.

Real Madrid – Champion Chance: 6% / Pay: 17

The most champion of the Champions could not be missing among the favorites. In the betting houses to see the Orejona dress in white for the 14th time in history pay 17 times the bet. The statistics, meanwhile, assume that Ancelotti’s team is in training and it barely gives him a 6% chance of being champion.

FC Barcelona – Champion Chance: 6% / Pay: 26

The Catalan ensemble closes this review. Despite no longer having Lionel Messi and the austerity of the current squad, bettors took their odds to 26-1. The numbers of this new Barca de Koeman, meanwhile, make the statistic assigns him only a 6% chance of winning.

The champions of Spain, Atlético de Madrid, and Italy, Internazionale, are very far away in all predictions. Simeone’s team only pays 26-1 and has a 3% statistically champion. The Nerazzurri, meanwhile, pays 67-1 (the same as Atalanta and much more than Juventus’ 29-1), and also has just a 3% chance of lifting the cup.

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