Donald Trump praised Tyson Fury and confirmed that he does know about boxing

Donald Trump elogió a Tyson Fury y confirmó que sí sabe de boxeo

Former President of the United States, Donald trump, who was as a commentator on the boxing match broadcast between Evander holyfield and Vitor Belfort by Triller, had words of praise for the WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson fury and remembered his first fight before Deontay Wilder.

“That was a fight where people were shocked, because you look at the body type of Deontay, he was the specimen with the most perfect physique “, he explained Trump in transmission. “I thought Fury he was knocked out (in the last round) and suddenly he jumped up. “

In the same way, he recalled chapter two between the British fighter and the American, where he pointed out that there was only one boxer in the battle.

“Then he fought with him a second time and there was no competition,” he explained. Trump. “He is a good fighter and has a very different body type. He had a great victory. He was not given a chance (in the odds against Wilder). And the type of body is not the type of body that you think a fighter should have ”.

Donald Trump praises Tyson Fury

The same way, Trump assured that Gypsy king He is a tremendous fighter, who has shown very good things in the ring.

“He is really a good fighter. And he’s a big, tall guy, 6ft 8in, 6ft 9in. He is a very good fighter. A different type when observed, ”he explained. “His opponent (Wilder) looked so perfect that night, but he didn’t make it. Fury he’s a really good fighter. The funny thing is that Deontay they had never hurt him in their previous fights. But he did not do well. The punch did not work against Fury“.

With his comments on the rivalry between Deontay Wilder and Tyson fury, Donald trump showed that he is well acquainted with boxing. And he also showed that despite having had one of the most demanding jobs in the world, as president of the United States, he had the luxury of being attentive to what was happening in boxing.

Finally he was asked about the third episode that both fighters will star in next month and he just said: “That will be very interesting.”

It is worth mentioning that Donald trump had a foray as a boxing promoter in the 1980s, when he tried to turn New Jersey’s city of Atlantic City into a new mecca for gambling, betting and boxing.

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