“I disappointed the fighters”: Judge who saw 117-110 in Valdez vs. Conceicao acknowledges error

Mauricio Sulaimán, Stephen Blea y José Sulaimán

Judge Stephen Blea offered an apology for the card that caused controversy in the super featherweight championship fight of the CMB Come in Oscar Valdez and Robson Conceicao by giving the Mexican 117-110 the winner.

“I have seen and thoroughly analyzed my performance,” he wrote in a letter released by the CMB. “My score of 117-110 is not exact and does not represent the actions in the ring. I feel like I have let my federation down, the NABF, my organization, the CMB and, most importantly, to our sport and fighters in the ring ”.

Valdez successfully defended the 130-pound championship against ConceicaoAfter a very close fight in which the Brazilian dominated in the first part of the fight, but in the second he ran and avoided exchanges.

In the end two judges saw 115-112 in favor of Oscar, while Blea scored 117-110 by giving only three rounds to Robson.

About this, Stephen He explained that he made two mistakes when qualifying the closed rounds: “Not qualifying 10-10 in 2 rounds, I felt that there was no clear winner and I qualified those rounds in favor of the champion giving him the benefit in the close actions.”

He also added that the public in favor of Valdez benefited on their cards, since when Oscar connected the fans were heard and the same did not happen with Conceicao. In addition, being next to photographers and videographers affected his visual field.

“Given these distractions, I honestly thought that I would be able to do my job 100% without excuses,” he argued. Stephen Blea. “Getting stuck with a fighter: I gave 3 of the first 4 rounds to Valdez, this being a product of the combination of the previous points that I have described.”

However, after reviewing the fight on television, he gave him 115-112 in one and 114-113 in favor of the Sonoran.

“I have decided to communicate with my committee of ring officials from the NABF / CMB to undergo a complete training and review program ”, he concluded. “I will not accept any championship fight designation until I complete the process.”

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