Press exaggerated Oscar Valdez doping case, says Bob Arum

Prensa exageró caso de dopaje de Óscar Valdez, asegura Bob Arum

Promoter Bob arum assured that the doping case of Oscar Valdez it was exaggerated by the press, since it did not do anything prohibited by the organisms.

“This is all really something that the media has exaggerated, out of proportion,” he said. Arum in interview for Fight Hub. “Now maybe there is an argument that this substance should be banned in and out of competition, but that’s a different story! That is not what is now in the regulation. People have to respect the law, and the law says this substance is well out of the competition, which means the day before, period, end of story. Everything else is just noise. “

Questioned if with the tight victory he got against Robson Conceicao to maintain his super featherweight championship World Boxing Council, redeem a little the way of the Mexican after the scandal, the boss of Top rank He said he won with every right.

“Look, it is not a question of vindication, it is not a question of anything, it is a question of law,” he reiterated. Arum. “These boxing commissions have signed with the WADA just like the Olympics have done, just like most sports have done and that means there are substances that are banned only in competition. And this was a substance that is only prohibited in competition. So no one really had any legal maneuverability to prevent him from fighting. “

Arum and Valdez’s innocence

Bob arum assured that in the case of Oscar Valdez Having a good promoter on his side helped a lot to ensure that the law and regulations were on his side and did not cause him any punishment.

“The fighter has to have a good promoter, as in this instance where the law is on his side, he will stand up and tell people what the law says,” he explained. Arum. “Oscar Valdez did nothing wrong. Even if he had consciously consumed it out of competition, which I do not believe, he was not breaking any law ”.

Óscar Valdez acknowledged difficulties to beat Conceicao

The Mexican champion assured that the fight was very complicated, since his rival spent it running up the ring.

“It was a tough fight; I couldn’t do my best because he ran all night, “he said. Valdez.

Oscar Valdez he reached 30 wins in the same amount of fights, 23 before the limit. For its part, Robson suffered his first setback after having scored 16 wins in a row.

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