The best phrases of Ángel Di María’s exclusive talk with FOOTBALL 90

The best phrases of Ángel Di María's exclusive talk with FOOTBALL 90

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The coronation with Argentina at the Maracana
“We were not 100 percent on vacation. We went for the family and the children, for the need to disconnect a bit, but we were not focused. We were left with the bitter taste of a semifinal, of a final. This time we we released too much after becoming champions. Happiness was absolute. “

“To have been champion, to have scored the goal, it was an absolute change. The same people who told me why I was going to come so they would screw me, thanked me for having continued. Everything became different. I knew that I still had to continue giving. I have no words. “

“Seeing the images of the goal, knowing that we won … at that moment we did not realize what we had achieved. It was so many times to hit the head against the wall that we did not fall.”

“The other day at the Monumental we definitely realized that we are the champions of America. We were able to give a lot of people joy. Listening to ‘Thank you’ fills you for life.”

“Before we were not a disaster and now we are not the best in the world. We were lucky to be able to win. Having reached three finals with that litter made the National Team grow, that people can be excited. Many times on River’s court there were 60 or 70 percent with the best players in Europe. That hurt a bit. The previous litter gave me the illusion “.

“Thank God I have my wife who bench me, who keeps me going like crazy. It is true that at some point we doubt, but we never stop believing. She told me to continue doing the same, that I was going to return to the National Team . He told me: ‘Break everything, but don’t stop’. And I promised him that I was not going to lower my arms. “

“I knew this America’s Cup was going to be mine. I was on a positive wavelength.”

The talks with Lionel Scaloni
“I had a very nice relationship with Scaloni, since I was with Sampaoli. We always talked a lot about the National Team, about what I feel about the shirt. After the 2018 World Cup, he told me not to get off. May he always be there. I cried”. And after an interview in which I was left out of the National Team, we had a video call: I told him that I didn’t want to be a starter, that I wanted to be there, to win something. I knew that I was going to win the place because I was going to train like when I was 20 years old. In the next call I had to be lucky “.

The ghost of injuries
“My fear was always with injuries. In the important moments I was at the height, sometimes you have games or bad ones, we are not all Messi (laughs). The concern was to injure myself in the decisive instances. It is difficult to leave the team at that moment. . You feel like a son of …, a sh … “.

“They always liquidated me because of my injuries, not because things didn’t work out for me. It hurts a lot. Luckily I have a great family that never let me down, that didn’t let me listen to those things. Those things go through my head. … “

The relationship with Messi and the present together at PSG
“I see Leo as spectacular. He is loose, he is very happy. I am very happy for him. He is the best in the world and not being able to achieve something with the National Team was a hundred million times worse. The pressure he had inside … He Another day when he was crying at the Monumental, I hugged him and said: ‘Stop crying, it’s over …’

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