The very rare Julio César Chávez toy figure that can be a fortune for collectors

El rarísimo juguete figura de Julio César Chávez que puede ser una fortuna para los coleccionistas

At the height of the popularity of Julio Cesar Chavez In the 1990s, an articulated action figure doll was made, inspired by the great Mexican champion, and today, that toy has become one of the rarest and most coveted objects among those who collect antique toys.

This has been documented by Antonio Gutierrez, who has one of the figures, and who created the Facebook page of The Great Mexican Champion, to post data and images of the figure. In addition to possessing a figure, Antonio has done more research on the figure.

Gutierrez has been tracking the very few figures that have gone on sale, and has only registered the existence of six figures of Julio Cesar Chavez. Precisely, he has one of the copies of the toy, which has the particular stamp of having a flat nose, and a small scratch in the hair on his forehead.

It is a bootleg or pirate toy, that is to say that although it was manufactured in Mexico, apparently it never had the marketing rights authorized by it itself. Julius Caesar Chavez.

Made in 1992

The year of manufacture of this collectible was 1992, the year that Chavez fought against Héctor “Macho” Camacho, when the great Mexican champion entered his highest levels of popularity.

This toy has nine points of articulation, is made of rigid plastic, hand painted, fabric shorts and rubber boots.

Who has this figure of Julio César Chávez in their power?

The manufacturer’s brand is not known, but only six pieces of this collectible have been counted. Of three of them the owner is known. You have it your own Antonio Gutiérrez; another piece has it Luis Ibanez, another fervent collector of old toys and who exhibited it on his social networks; and one more, is on display at the Antique Toy Museum.

Of the other figures it is not known who has them in their possession, but it is evident that they have a jewel which is being highly valued by collectors.

There are none for sale

To date there is no figure of Chavez for sale or in Ebay nor in Free market, so it is not known for sure how much each of them is worth. However, it is likely to fetch a couple hundred dollars.

The truth is that because it is a very rare and scarce item, there will be boxing lovers who are fervently looking for them and will be able to offer enough money to obtain it.

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