Boca Juniors vs. Defense and Justice – Party Report – September 14, 2021

Boca Juniors vs.  Defense and Justice - Party Report - September 14, 2021

( – Boca could not defeat Defense and Justice: at home, they tied without goals for date 11 of the Professional League and were eight points behind the leaders, Talleres and Lanús.

Sebastián Battaglia’s team encountered a tough rival, who at times played him on an equal footing and complicated it.

The first half showed two teams looking for the rival goal. Boca dominated in several passages and had the clearest chances. But Defense was not far behind.

Xeneize had the goal at the end of the first half with a clear header from Vázquez that hit the post. The youth has been one of the great bets of Battaglia, and shows in each game that he has with what to earn the position of number 9.

Before, Boca, with another center, had the goal in the head of Briasco, but the former Huracán headed wide almost below the arc.

It was difficult for Boca to generate a game, despite having Ramírez and Aaron Molinas (in the second half he was replaced by Pavón) in the middle of the field.

In part this was due to the good work of the Defense, which shortened spaces well and put pressure on the rival’s exit.

El Halcón, although it was not as clear as Boca, had a clear chance in that first half with a shot that after deflecting a defender hit the post. And he showed good ball handling, with Contreras unloading fast and always enabling a teammate.

In addition, Defense improved and at times controlled the ball and the game. Thus, he had a couple of occasions to put himself in advantage.

After a center to the area, Rotondi won the duel to Sández and his header went wide. Then Merentiel, in a long run with a badly stopped Boca, had him hand in hand with Rossi but the goalkeeper won the duel.

A while later, again Rossi had to leave quickly to win the duel against Merentiel again, after a great pass from Walter Bou.

Boca was going to start to regain prominence with some changes from Battaglia. The entered Medina had it with a great shot that Unsain covered very well sending the ball to the corner kick.

At the end, the kid Zeballos, also entered in the second half, sent a center for Orsini (he replaced Vázquez) and the goalkeeper covered the goal. This is how the game ended, with a fair draw that gave Boca a little flavor, which is now eight points from the top.

But beyond the point, what should concern the brand new Boca coach is the drop in performance compared to previous presentations.

This time, Xeneize could not be decisive with the sides, Sández and Weigandt (he was injured), and it was difficult for him to reach the rival goal with danger. In addition, he lacked fluidity in the middle of the playing field. The DT must continue working to find the best version of his Boca.

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