Conceicao enters disagreement before WBC for judge in fight with Valdez

Conceicao ingresa inconformidad ante CMB por jueceo en pelea con Valdez

Robson Conceicao has filed a formal complaint with the CMB, after his defeat against the Mexican Oscar Valdez in Tucson, Arizona.

It should be remembered that Valdez he retained his super featherweight title after judges saw him win by unanimous decision over the 12 rounds. However, they were controversial cards that generated complaints from the Brazilian, and the public.

Conceicao raised his discomfort to the CMB against the judge in his fight against Oscar Valdez. However, in the complaint he also points out to the referee who rigorously deducted a point from him. And of course, also given the fact that the Mexican was allowed to defend his title, despite test positive for phentermine before the fight.

Judge recognizes error when giving 117-110

In the same way, it became relevant that the judge Stephen Blea, who gave a disproportionate scorecard of 117-110 in favor of Valdez, issued a statement noting that his score was not accurate.

Blea described the actions that led him to give this score, and said he had defrauded his federation, the NABF and to CMB.

“I have watched the fight and I have thoroughly analyzed my performance. My score of 117-110 is not exact and does not represent the actions in the ring, ”he admitted. “There were some very close rounds during the fight and I made two mistakes: the first, not qualifying 10-10 in 2 rounds, I felt there was no clear winner; the second, I qualified those rounds in favor of the champion giving him the benefit in the close actions ”.

What happens if Conceicao’s complaint against Valdez proceeds?

If he wins this complaint, the Brazilian boxer will immediately obtain a rematch match against Oscar Valdez, or in the worst case scenario, he will be taken as the mandatory challenger for the 130-pound title.

So we will have to wait for what decision the CMB, and if the rematch is officially announced and when it would take place.

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