Taylor Heinicke will start for Washington in the absence of Ryan Fitzpatrick

Taylor Heinicke will start for Washington in the absence of Ryan Fitzpatrick

Tests confirmed hip subluxation for veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan fitzpatrick be placed on injured reserve with a hip problem, and Washington will resort to Taylor heinicke to start as a quarterback against the New York Giants Thursday night.

Cam Newton won’t show up through that door, and Robert Griffin III will not appear through that door. It involves the assignment of Heinicke and Kyle allen for the foreseeable future, and the head coach Ron Rivera he doesn’t plan to add a veteran passer anytime soon.

“We like the boys we have,” he said. Rivera on Monday. “We’ve had them playing for us. They’ve done good things for us, so we’ll see what happens.”

Heinicke will be the 10th quarterback to start a regular season game for Washington since they cut to Griffin in 2016. Although RG3 will post on social media, “Make the Call,” featuring a video of his 76-yard touchdown run from his rookie season in 2012, a return of the former face of the franchise turned analyst for ESPN, is not in plans for Rivera.

The plan is for Heinicke to start, with Allen serving as a substitute and Kyle shurmur emergency reserve. Washington signed the son of the former head coach of the Giants and current offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, Pat Shurmur, to his practice squad this Monday.

Heinicke was originally brought last season to Washington as a “quarantine quarterback”, after Denver was forced to initiate a wide receiver by the protocols around the coronavirus. He quickly went from being out of the league and taking college classes online to a surprise playoff start in place of the injured veteran starter. Alex smith, and almost achieved a spectacular comeback against Tom brady and the eventual champions of the Super Bowl, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Heinicke he threw for 306 yards and a touchdown in the Wild Card round, but also separated his left shoulder by diving for a touchdown. Allen you are coming from surgery to repair a fractured left ankle and Heinicke plays with some physical abandon, but Rivera He did not express concern about the risk of injury at the position.

“I am as confident as you can be,” he said. Rivera. “You never know what is going to happen”.

Rivera is excited to see what happens with Heinicke leading the offensive. Although the former star schoolboy for Old dominion has not started a regular season game in the NFL since 2018 for Carolina panthers, low Rivera, Heinicke He became popular with teammates and fans for his playoff performance.

“I think our players are going to rally around,” he said. Rivera. “Some guys have an innate ability to create excitement. Some excitement. And so it is. Taylor, a little, because of the way he plays. Play like your hair is on, play a bit like a gunslinger. “

Rivera wait to Heinicke has matured and understands your work, which is crucial after you Washington lose to Fitzpatrick after a quarter and a half of the campaign last Sunday against Los Angeles Chargers. It didn’t look good right away, when Fitzpatrick he was helped up and collapsed again, and further tests confirmed a hip subluxation in which the bone slipped out of place.

Fitzpatrick see a specialist for a second opinion, according to Rivera, and it’s unclear if the 38-year-old quarterback will miss the rest of the season. Getting on injured reserve means you will miss at least the next three games.

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