The NFL Power Rankings at the end of Week 1

The NFL Power Rankings at the end of Week 1

With Week 1 of the regular season complete, it’s time to check out our NFL Power Rankings

Concluded the Week 1 of the regular season and, at least this time, the teams of the NFL they left the worst for last. The Champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers they opened the defense of their title of Super bowl with a magnificent performance on Thursday night, and on Sunday there were several interesting matches, with bells included

Las vegas raiders and Baltimore Ravens they gave a great show at the close of the Week 1 on “Monday Night Football“The start of the campaign could not be more promising.

Many weeks of excitement await us so, without further ado, we order the franchises of the NFL According to what was shown after the first duels of the year.

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.

It is true that Cowboys made them suffer more than they had budgeted and that their defense allowed more than 400 yards through the air, but if Antonio Brown go back to his version of the Steelers, then the defense can be given more days of “rest”. – LMV

The match against Browns reminded us that to beat Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, you have to play near perfect for 60 minutes, without losing focus, rather than building an advantage and expecting to hold it for 60 minutes. – RZ

Nobody expected Saints even had the chance to make a party to the Packers and the reality was diametrically opposite, New orleans controlled the offensive of Aaron Rodgers and Jameis winston showed that he can take the baton at the head of a franchise used to destroying its rivals with a powerful attack. – EC

TO Seattle An acceptable first half of the offense was enough for him to inaugurate his column of triumphs, but his divisional rivals, from the beginning, proved to be ready for the challenge that the National West represents for now. It will be a war without quarter. – LMV

If the Cardinals they do not want to extend the contract Chandler jones, there are 31 other teams that would gladly add the linebacker to their ranks after a five-sack performance. – RZ

Matthew stafford He had a more than perfect debut in his new offense, he showed that with his powerful arm and the speed of the receivers he can wreak havoc on opponents, but the defense must raise his level because not every week they will face such limited attacks with that of Chicago. – EC

Get a win in Buffalo It seemed almost an impossible task, but it is enough to see the adjustments at halftime on both sides so that in the second half the set was inclined 23-6 for the visitors. – LMV

The veteran’s duo Yannick Ngakoue with Maxx crosby can be something really special for Las Vegas, particularly if the injury to Gerald mccoy It is nothing serious, and it can bring pressure from the inside. – RZ

It is true that Browns lost in Kansas city, but there is little to claim from a team that scored 29 points as a visitor when they faced Patrick Mahomes. The running attack looks more than solid and the passing game should improve when he returns to the activity Odell Beckham Jr.. – EC

The performance of Justin herbert against a defense like that of Washington It requires more recognition, but neither can they aspire to many triumphs if every weekend they are going to be asking them to throw almost fifty passes. – LMV

Win in Week 1, yes, but two troubling trends came into view for San Francisco: injuries and Kyle Shanahan’s incredible ability to lose touch after building a major lead. – RZ

The Dolphins made something clear that we already knew, their defense is solid and Tua Tagovailoa does not have the ability to ignite this offense, the latter will not be a problem against low-level teams or that are in the early stages of rebuilding, but the story it will be different against rivals who can put points on the scoreboard. – EC

Josh allen was strangely imprecise in his passes, I want to think that he is still the rust of a long hiatus and that soon we will see him return to the form that puts the Bills as one of the contenders. – LMV

If what you offered Alexander Villanueva In Week 1 is what they intend to play week by week, this team is worse on the offensive line than it was last season, and that is worrying. Injury to Tire Phillips, which appeared to be serious, did not help. – RZ

The Eagles left a pleasant taste in the mouth on both sides of the ball, first off the attack of Matt ryan and the Falcons after two sets, they then ignited a dynamic attack spearheaded by Jalen hurts, surely Philadelphia It won’t be a contender, but it will be a fun team to watch. – EC

There is no such thing as moral victories, but certainly starting that way in the champion’s house can leave a certain sweet taste to Dallas to know that games that are defined by a possession can be tilted to their side after the failures of Greg zuerlein. – LMV

They do not have the popularity of other groups, but the wide receivers of Carolina They have the talent to put anyone in trouble. – RZ

The Patriots they found their quarterback of the future in Mac Jones And although he will surely make rookie mistakes, we must not rule out New england as a candidate team to qualify as a wild card this year. – EC

To the Packers they were not warned that the preseason was over and, beyond the arrogance, with which Aaron Rodgers He referred to the defeat against the Saints, they looked away from that hungry team that said Davante adams before starting the campaign. – LMV

It was really great to see Joe burrow picking up where he left off before the injury last season. – RZ

The wide receiver injury Jerry jeudy It is a hard blow for an offensive of the Broncos that he needs all the help he can get competing in a division as tough as the AFC West. – EC

The defense showed off against the rookie Trevor lawrence, but now we will see how close or far from reality this is when measured at Baker Mayfield and the mighty arsenal of Browns. – LMV

I did not expect to see the offensive line of the Titans as happened on Sunday, but I did not see the greatest of convictions of Derrick Henry with the ball in his hands. – RZ

In their need to ignite the offense, the Vikings called a play down the band in which the wide receiver Justin jefferson threw an 11-yard gain pass and ended up getting hit hard by the defender, luckily for Minnesota It had no consequences, but it should be a wake-up call that your best offensive player should not be unnecessarily risked. – EC

It is difficult to draw conclusions after just one game, but the main peace of mind in Indianapolis is to see how little competition there will be in the South of the American or maybe it was just a bad day for the Titans. – LMV

It will always catch my attention when a coach (Ron Rivera) speaks so many wonders of a backup quarterback (Taylor heinicke), when you have no other options. Not only Rivera relegated him to the bench this summer, but it was he who left him out of the squad of the Panthers three years ago. Now do you fully trust him? – RZ

The Lions They agreed too late that they had to score points to aspire to win the game and although they got too close to the 49ers In the last minutes, this was due more to the mistakes of his rivals than to his own successes. It will be a very long season in Detroit. – EC

One of the coaches who arrives with the rope around his neck is precisely Matt nagy and it is right now when you need your bet for Andy dalton it turns out before the voices that ask Justin fields as the headline. – LMV

The screenshot that circulated through the networks of this party, with Matt ryan thrown, perfectly sums up everything we saw of Atlanta in his campaign debut, starting with the level of the quarterback himself. – RZ

It must have been particularly painful for the Jets see the other side triumph Sam darnold, the quarterback they quit to seek a fresh start with Zach Wilson. This is a clear sign that the team could be picking good quarterbacks, the problem is that they do not give them the weapons to succeed in New York. – EC

You really aspire to little in a game where your running leader is Daniel jones and no Saquon barkley and their brilliant rushing yard figure is 27. We’ll see how much they can correct between now and Thursday. – LMV

I don’t know if it will improve, how much it will improve, or how soon it will improve, but Urban meyer He’s making mistakes left and right on purely sporting issues like play selection and personnel that – many of us think – would be a piece of cake. – RZ

They participated in these NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafael Zamorano (RZ).

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