Chile stayed with the tight match against Argentina XV

Chile stayed with the tight match against Argentina XV

As part of their preparation for the 2023 Rugby World Cup qualifying series, Chile received Argentina XV, a team composed of young players and with little shooting altogether. Both showed an even level, but the victory remained in Santiago thanks to a enormous work by the homeowner in the complement that managed to turn history and thus obtain a victory adjusted by 25-24.

For the first few minutes, Chile took the reins of the game and offered a good foot game, sustained with solid defense. Such is so, that Argentina could little advance on the rival field, which led him to commit infringements in quantity; Averaging 4 ‘, the Cóndores scrum-half opened the score with a kick to the sticks. Around minute 13 ‘, the warning by Argentine Gómez Vara for repeated fouls, allowed Chile to increase the difference on the scoreboard.

The local continued with the intelligent use of the foot, without giving the rival space to advance to their field. However, at 26 ‘, Prisciantelli covered and recovered a ball that, together with the connection between the scrum half and the centers, reached a few meters from the ingoal but without success.

Despite this, that play can be located as the tactical breaking point for both. The Cóndores gave up their possession and pressure, and Argentina was able to achieve a more sober handling of the ball, accompanied by movement in several phases. The first try of the night came after in a reset scrum, Iriarte played fast towards an unmarked Prisciantelli that I do not hesitate to support under the sticks.

By the end of the first part, the roles were reversed and the homeowner was the repeat offender in terms of infractions, enhancing the good psychological and tactical moment of the Argentines, who they revisited the ingoal with Bernasconi.

At the beginning of the complement, the story continued along the same lines for those led by Enrique Pichot: generating danger from the fixed formations and the associations between the media and the wingers. A try by Piccardo reinforced that idea, with Iriarte solid in driving.

As the clock ticked, Argentina decreased the level and Chile adjusted the intensity, managing to add three tries, two of them with prominence from the Domingo Saavedra center, both in construction and definition.

Thus, after a flurry of conquests, Chile ratified its initial intention and took a tight match by 25 to 24 based on the enormous defensive work and offensive sobriety with which it chose to attack.


CHILE (25): 1- Javier Carrasco, 2- Augusto Bohme, 3- Matías Dittus, 4- Santiago Pedrero, 5- Javier Eissmann, 6- Martín Sigren, 7- Raimundo Martínez, 8- Alfonso Escobar, 9- Marcelo Torrealba, 10- Rodrigo Fernández , 11- Baltazar Jana, 12- José Larenas, 13- Domingo Saavedra, 14- Nicolás Garafulic, 15- Franco Velarde.

Alternates: Diego Escobar, Tomás Dussaillant, Vittorio Lastra, Iñaki Gurruchaga, Gaspar Moltedo, Nicolás Sabaleta, Augusto Sarmiento, Maximiliano Silva, Lukas Carvallo, Tomás Alvarado, Clemente Armostrong.

Argentina XV (24): 1- Nicolás Revol, 2- Bautista Bernasconi, 3- Javier Coronel, 4- Ignacio Calás, 5- Federico Gutiérrez, 6- Jerónimo Gómez Vara, 7- Conrado Roura, 8- Juan Bautista Pedemonte, 9- Rafael Iriarte, 10- Gerónimo Prisciantelli, 11- Martín Bogado, 12- Justo Piccardo, 13- Tomás Cubilla (c), 14- Agustín Segura, 15- Francisco Pisani.

Alternates: 16- Francisco Minnervino, 17- Mariano Muntaner, 18- Gonzalo Hughes, 19- Brian González, 20- Lucio Anconetani, 21- Pedro Rubiolo, 22- Joaquín Moro, 23- Juan Cruz Strada, 24- Martín Elías, 25- Iñaki Delguy, 26- Santiago Vera Feld.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 4 ‘and 6’, Torrealba penalties (C); 30 ‘, try by Prisciantelli converted by himself (A); 37 ‘, try Bernasconi (A).

Incidents: 13 ‘, yellow for Gómez Vara (A).

PARTIAL RESULT: Chile 6-12 Argentina XV

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 46 ‘, Piccardo try converted by Prisciantelli (A); 57 ‘, try by Garafulic (C); Sigren try converted by Velarde (C); 67 ‘, try by Saavedra converted by Velarde (C); 72 ‘, try by Bogado (A).

FINAL RESULT: Chile 25-24 Argentina XV

Basketball court: San Carlos de Apoquindo, Santiago de Chile.

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