Diagonals Guru: The NFL in its constant hunt to find the scholar

Diagonals Guru: The NFL in its constant hunt to find the scholar

MIAMI – The Kansas City Chiefs have to be the most frustrating team to face in the NFL.

They can be dominated for the bulk of a game, as happened on Matchday 1 against the Cleveland Browns, and still win the game.

That extra differential, which often goes against logic, is called Patrick Mahomes, who in a perfectly defended play, can buy time with his feet, and with his wrist, throw the ball 60 yards against the weight of his own body. to alter the course of a match in the blink of an eye.

They are one of those plays that take away your spirit, that deflate your spirits and make you wonder: What else could I have done?

Sure, these types of diamonds don’t grow on trees, but that doesn’t stop 32 GMs from dreaming every year of finding it in the draft.

That’s why the Chiefs sought out Alex Smith when they were already a playoff team.

Because there are “you can win” quarterbacks, who probably make up three-quarters of the league, and then there are quarterbacks “who disguise deficiencies and defy logic,” of which hopefully there are four or five in the entire league.

Examples abound. Buffalo had snapped a 17-year drought with no playoff appearances with Tyrod Taylor, but he still dreamed of that scholar.

Perhaps they have succeeded in Josh Allen and although evidence is lacking, all indications suggest that Allen could belong to this select list.

Jared Goff was the first overall pick in the draft in 2016 and Mitchell Trubisky the second in the 2017 draft.

Trubisky didn’t work out of the box in Chicago and he didn’t have that stellar arm that scouts love so much. Goff did a good job with the Rams and even led them to a Super Bowl, however coach Sean McVay knew his arms were tied, he knew his playbook could be much broader if he had a vertical attack.

The problem there is trying to run the locker room – Goff didn’t leave Los Angeles well – and finding a suitable replacement. The equation came Matthew Stafford, who in one game already showed how different the Rams offense can look.

It didn’t matter that they lost the battle in time of possession or ran at pleasure, because a couple of Stafford “bombs” put them forward comfortably again. It seems that this version of the Rams has more margin for error and keep in mind that consistently sustaining long series without penalties is a much more difficult equation.

Jimmy Garoppolo is the starting quarterback at San Francisco and the team has proven to consistently win with him behind center; is another who led his team to the Super Bowl, but Kyle Shanahan looks at Mahomes and thinks, “I want that.”

So, in a very risky move, he gives up multiple draft picks to fetch Trey Lance, a move that is going to work, but at the same time, he knows he will now be judged almost exclusively on Lance’s success or failure in the game. NFL.

It’s the same reason why it doesn’t matter that the Dolphins are coming off winning 10 games and that they just defeated a divisional rival like the Patriots on the road. Tua Tagovailoa doesn’t have that clouding arm and fans want more Dan Marino and less Phil Simms.

In her mind, Tua fails the eye test. Maybe in the future they are right or maybe not, but I can understand their way of thinking.

Having that weapon that makes you throw away any script is priceless. The problem is that many franchises spend their entire history searching for that elusive diamond and never find it.

The funny thing is, Tom Brady is essentially a dealer and not one of those gunmen. Sure, he has a mind of steel and an above-average arm, but he’s a faithful reminder that there is no one way to win.

Maybe it would be easier to have that privileged arm that makes us wonder, but football is still a team sport that is primarily won in the trenches.

There are those who will tell me that using the best of all time as an example is not advisable and they have a valid point, but letting yourself be carried away by the reflectors does not always lead you to a bright path.

Facing the Chiefs is incredibly frustrating, but remember that for every Patrick Mahomes there are 200 JaMarcus Russells.

In honor of Chandler Jones’ incredible five sacks, I leave you this memory of the PLAYER WITH A CATCH IN A GAME. How many remembered who held the record?

* Home teams are second


As I always say, it is never good to play every game. In other words, there are some that are best missed. Therefore, I decided to add this section, to publicize my six favorite teams with a bet line. Opinions are welcome, since the idea is to add an attribute that is beneficial to readers. The order of the teams is not accidental and the predictions do not affect the total statistics.








There are many of us who are in this type of competition. In this case, the bet line does not matter. Just do not repeat any equipment throughout each week. Of course, these forecasts will not affect the overall statistics either. In parentheses, the teams chosen so far.



At the request of many, we add the landline with a line from Week 11 of 2013.



I have always said that I am not a fan of teasers, since they come from the word tempt and are called “sucker bets”, but, at the request of several of the readers, we added this section. Here, as there are three teams, the line is modified by 6 points, but you must hit all three to collect. Below, I name the three teams with the altered lines in parentheses.

1-BALTIMORE RAVENS (+9 and a half)

2-MIAMI DOLPHINS (+9 and a half)

3-NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (+2 and a half)


At the request of several of the readers, we include an entry and exit match for each week.

1-TEXANS-BROWNS HIGHS (47 and a half)

2-STEELERS-RAIDERS LOWS (49 and a half)

Total statistics (With + Without + Teaser + Additions and Discharges): 22-13

With Bet Line: 10-6

Without Bet Line: 10-6

Surprise of the Week (no line): 1-0

Fixed of the Week (no line): 1-0

Fixed of the Week (with line): 1-0

Power 6 (with line): 4-2

Teaser 3: 1-0

Ups and downs: 1-1

Suicide Pool (no line): 1-0 (SF)

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