Messi, Mbappé and Neymar together for the first time at PSG? We remember other historical tridents

Messi, Mbappé and Neymar together for the first time at PSG?  We remember other historical tridents

The timid Jan Breydel stadium in Bruges, Belgium, will probably experience a moment that promises to go down in history on Wednesday (15 September): the debut of the trio Messi, Mbappé and Neymar at Paris Saint-Germain.

With 100 percent of Ligue 1 broadcast live on ESPN on Star +, the French team faces Club Brugge away from home, for the first round of Group A of the Champions League.

Mbappe He is the one who leads the statistics of the PSG on the season, with four goals and two assists in five games. Neymar and Messi They played a few minutes and hope to regain the rhythm of the game and the chemistry of the times when they destroyed defenses with Luis Suárez in Barcelona.

Speaking of MSNWill the new Paris attack be as successful as other famous tridents that have shone in Europe in recent years? ESPN chose five historic trios, one of them still active, with the performance of each beginning with the debut game.

Who stayed the longest in history? Compare the numbers and leave your vote below!


DURATION: 5 seasons

TITLES*: 12 (4 Champions League, 3 Club World Cup, 1 LaLiga, 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Spanish Super Cup and 2 European Super Cup).

GOALS: 442 (249 for Cristiano Ronaldo, 105 for Karim Benzema and 88 for Gareth Bale).

PREMIERE: 2-2 draw with Villarreal, for the 2013/14 Spanish Championship (Bale and Ronaldo scored).

There is no trident with such impressive numbers as the one that Real Madrid had between 2013 and 2018. By hiring Bale from Tottenham, Merengue’s team brought the Welshman together with Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo, at the club since 2009, and created an attack very difficult to stop.

With all three, Real began to rule Europe, with a third consecutive championship that had not happened since Beckenbauer with Bayern in the 1970s. The partnership fell apart when CR7, shortly after the 2018 World Cup, moved to Juventus.

Gareth Bale, injured, did not participate in two achievements: Club World Cup 2016 and European Super Cup 2016.


DURATION: 3 seasons.

TITLES: 9 (1 Champions League, 1 Club World Cup, 2 LaLiga, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Spanish Super Cup and 3 Copa del Rey).

GOALS: 363 (153 Messi, 120 Suárez and 90 Neymar).

PREMIERE: Defeat 3-1 against Real Madrid, in the 2014/15 Spanish Championship (Suárez helped Neymar to score).

Perhaps the only trio that can compete with what the BBC did from Real Madrid. The historical association between the best players from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay of the time lasted from 2014 to 2017, until Neymar left for PSG for the historical record of 222 million euros, a year before the 2018 Rusi World Cup. .

While together, the three of them created a strong bond of friendship off the field, which exists to this day and greatly facilitated chemistry on the pitch. There were 363 goals in three seasons, nine trophies and a season of achievements, spectacular football and admiration that Barça never lived again.


DURATION: It is in the fifth season (since 2017/18).

TITLES: 4 (1 Champions League, 1 Club World Cup, 1 Premier League and 1 European Super Cup).

GOALS: 279 (128 from Salah, 86 from Mané and 65 from Firmino).

PREMIERE: Draw 3-3 with Watford, for the 2017/18 English Championship (each scored a goal, plus Salah and Firmino each gave one assist).

The only one of the tridents on the list who can still improve their numbers, as they remain together in the Liverpool team. The partnership began in 2017/18, from the arrival of Mohamed Salah from Roma, and showed right at the opening how difficult it would be to stop them: a 3-3 draw with Watford, in which everyone scored a goal.

The trio’s high-turnover and attractive style led Liverpool to break a 30-year fast without an English title, as well as securing a Champions League, a Club World Cup and another Super Cup. The association’s heyday seems to be behind us, but all three are there at Anfield to show otherwise.


DURATION: 2 seasons.

TITLES: 6 (2 Premier League, 1 Champions League, 1 Club World Cup, 1 League Cup and 1 England Super Cup).

GOALS: 140 (68 from Cristiano Ronaldo, 38 from Rooney and 34 from Tevez).

PREMIERE: 2-0 victory over Chelsea for the 2007/08 English Championship (Tevez scored one goal, Saha scored the other).

A historic attack in English football, capable of causing serious damage to opposing defenses, but which was short-lived. The only tridient of those mentioned in this note who won his first game, and precisely in a classic, proof of what would come in the following months.

Led by Alex Ferguson for years, Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo had Tevez’s company, on loan from West Ham in the summer of 2007, which strengthened the attack and led United to win six titles, including a Champions League. It came to an end because Tevez, upset about going to the reserve, decided to go to Manchester City in 2009.


DURATION: 1 season.

TITLES: 3 (1 LaLiga, 1 Champions League and 1 Copa del Rey).

GOALS: 100 (38 from Messi, 36 from Eto’o and 26 from Henry).

PREMIERE: 1-0 defeat against Numancia, for the 2008/09 Spanish Championship.

The only trident that was active for only one season. The first of the Pep Guardiola era at Barça, which ended with the conquest of all the titles in dispute and left room for future cups in the following months.

Messi, Henry and Eto’o were in the cast of the Barça the previous season, in 2007/08, but Ronaldinho Gaúcho continued being absolute in the attack culé. The departure of the Brazilian gave space to the three, who scored exactly 100 goals in one year, were champions three times and only did not stay together because Eto’o was involved in the purchase of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and headed to Inter Milan.

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