Newell’s Old Boys vs. River Plate – Game Report – September 15, 2021

Newell's Old Boys vs.  River Plate - Game Report - September 15, 2021

( – River achieved an important victory in Rosario, beating Newell’s 4-1 at Marcelo Bielsa at the close of the 11th date of the League Tournament.

In this way, the millionaire team caught on in the fight for the League: they add 21 points, and were two of the leaders Talleres and Lanús.

Newell’s, meanwhile, is still in free fall: accumulates six dates without triumphs and occupies position 20 in the table with 12 points.

Marcelo Gallardo’s team prevailed comfortably in the second half, after a very even first half that had finished 1 to 1.

From the beginning, Gallardo’s men took the lead with a very good play: Enzo Pérez enabled Julián Alvarez, the figure of the match, he gave the ball for the entry of De la Cruz and the Uruguayan took a great cross shot entering the area, for the initial 1 to 0 in just four minutes of play.

He felt the blow Newell’s, but little by little he settled down and began to make the rival uncomfortable. And to generate situations. One of the clearest was a great pass to Bittolo between the centrals that Armani covered well.

Although River, with spaces, sought to widen the difference, the tie came fairly after 35 minutes of play. How? With a great appearance by Nacho Scocco, who enforced the “ex’s law” with a great shot from outside the area that left Armani with no chances.

Near the end of the first half River was able to go ahead, with a header from Robert Rojas that covered the goalkeeper on two occasions, since after rebounding, Aguerre returned to take another shot from the Paraguayan to the corner.

In addition, a casual play ended up putting the Millionaire ahead again, and this time the advantage was decisive. A poorly executed shot on goal by Angileri ended with the ball at the feet of Alvarez, who only before Aguerre made it 2 to 1, at 16 in the second half.

Until that play, Newell’s had shown interesting things and dominated his rival at times, so much so that Gallardo decided to put his hand in the team with the income of Simón and Rollheiser.

From the goal, River began to play with the desperation of a rival who ran out of ideas and began to give away spaces. Ten minutes after Alvarez’s goal, a good team move and another good assist from Alvarez left Carrascal alone to define very well before the goalkeeper and put the 3 to 1.

All defined. To decorate the result and his big night, Alvarez put the finishing touch on a forceful performance of the Millionaire for the 4 to 1 final.

The truth is that River, after the qualifying date and the return of some injured, recovered important players such as Armani, Paulo Díaz, Rojas, Julián Alvarez and Angileri, recovered from an injury.

Oh, and Matías Suárez, one of his great figures, looked at him from the bench hoping to reach his best physical form. It seems that Núñez’s men have plenty of equipment to face the title fight.

Without the Copa Libertadores and without the Copa Argentina, and with his sights set only on the tournament, he will be a difficult opponent to contain. He comes from taking 10 of the last 12 points at stake and knows that, although there is still a long way to go, the title that Gallardo is missing at the local level may be closer than ever this time.

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