Tyson Fury reveals $ 80 million lawsuit if he didn’t fight Wilder


Tyson fury revealed that, failing to complete the trilogy against Deontay Wilder, you will fall a lawsuit for 80 million dollars.

During an interview with the former footballer Gary neville on The Overlap, Tyson Fury spoke about the strong retaliation in the form of a lawsuit that Deontay Wilder it would take over it, in the absence of a third crossing.

“Do you know how much the lawsuit would be if I don’t fight him? 80 million (dollars) ”, revealed the Gypsy king. “It is not the belt. It has nothing to do with the belt, but the contract (from the second fight). I could kick the belt but still Wilder and I would have to fight without a belt ”.

Tyson fury ensures that the belt is a secondary issue. Even if he gave up the world championship, he would have to fight with Wilder, because the obligation of the rematch comes from a contract clause that both signed to make the second fight. This clause is not conditioned or linked to the world title.

Fury He spoke again about how the lawsuit process was that forced him to cancel the unification fight with Joshua and to arrange the trilogy with Wilder.

“It was said that Joshua and I were going to fight, “he said Fury. Then all of a sudden Deontay Wilder he filed an arbitration against me with a superior judge and with the best lawyers in the United States, so there was nothing I could do about it. “

The Englishman assures that he is willing to respect the ruling of that judge.

“Fair is fair,” noted the heavyweight champion. “I myself am a fair man and if the shoe was on the other foot, I would want my third fight. It wasn’t really my fault or the fault of Wilder that revenge never happened. The world turned upside down and it didn’t happen because of the Covid ”.

Violent cross between Wilder and Fury.

Tyson Fury arranged with Wilder, not being optimistic with Joshua

Although it seemed a fact, Tyson fury he was never optimistic about closing his deal to fight Anthony Joshua.

“I was never optimistic about the possibility of AJ. This (the demand for Wilder) was always taking a back seat and they knew all that. Eddie hearn I knew it, Joshua I knew it, everyone knew it, “he commented Fury. “Suddenly it’s my fault because I’m a fucking liar, please. I don’t think the fight (with AJ) occurs. We have been trying to make this fight since we were 22 years old and now I am 33 ″.

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