Barcelona: If Koeman is the future, the future is miserable

Barcelona: If Koeman is the future, the future is miserable

“Thanks to me this club has future”. The phrase corresponds to Ronald Koeman and just a few days ago it was made public after an interview that the coach gave to a Dutch television station (NOS), in which he presumed to be a coach who gives young people an opportunity.

With the antecedents of the previous season in which FC Barcelona was not able to fight for The league until the last game, and after meeting removed in the Round of 16 of the Champions League, in addition to practicing football extremely poor throughout the course, the question is forced: What gives value to Koeman to say what he said?

Boasting about betting on the quarry is a half truth. Ronald Araújo and Óscar Mingueza, for example, added minutes the previous season for the crisis in the central defense that the team has been dragging for years.

Gerard Piqué was injured Several months; Samuel Umtiti has not existed for a long time (footballingly speaking); and Clement Lenglet is a footballer who does not have the level to play for Barça.

Do youBet by young people? Yes, because he had nowhere else to turn to. In Mingueza’s case, he was clearly not ready to have the continuity that the Dutch gave him, but it was used before the emergency. There was no more left.

On the other hand, believing that Koeman discovered Pedri is nothing short of a bad joke. The boy showed his infinite talent in Las Palmas and reported to Barça with the illusion of staying, although from the outset the coach himself did not have him.

“One day he put me aside and told me that he didn’t know much about me, that he had barely seen me play and that I would have to show him what I can do in training, “Pedri recalled in an interview a few months ago.

It was enough to see it closely to notice the obvious, it is a Diamond in raw form that from the age of 17 he assumed functions as an adult in the team as the undisputed starter, and later in the selection of Spain.

In the middle of the previous campaign, overnight and denigrating For the umpteenth time to Riqui Puig, the strategist gave a role of first change and sometimes to title to Ilaix Moriba, a midfielder with conditions: a lot of travel, strength, but without the vision, talent or projection of Puig.

Today Moriba is no longer at Barça after refusing to renew his contract under the economic conditions offered by the Barça management.

Of the young people that he has thrown into the ring so far this season (Gavi, Nico González, Demir or Balde) it is too early to make a balanceBut the Dutchman says that “they will be fantastic players in three or four years.” They are his shield before the ‘papers‘Like the 0-3 against Bayern, a game in which Barça never shot on goal.


Denied the self proclamation of Koeman as the great driving from the quarry, it is now necessary to analyze the labels that the coach carries, which benefit by the name he forged in the institution, but at the same time condemn.

The category of legend What he acquired in his time as a footballer is beyond doubt; However, that is not why he is now judge.

He is Dutch and a student of Cruyff, but the data is merely anecdotal, because their teams and especially Barcelona from last season and what goes on in this one, is at Light years to play soccer offensive, colorful, risky and no longer say spectacular.

True, Koeman came to the club after the catastrophe in the Champions League at the hands of Bayern Munich, that 2-8 that is not forgotten, and under a disastrous management of Josep Maria Bartomeu, which was the one who hired him, but under his direction the team does not play well or against opponents of little or no hierarchy.

Messi, as happened so many times, floated the boat and from his hand the Copa del Rey was achieved, after overcoming the Quarterfinal and Semifinal so miraculous with last-second goals.

To play well and stick to the philosophy of the club, any. In fact, in a way cheeky One-goal advantages were defended at the Camp Nou against opponents half a table down. Koeman’s changes were (are) mostly when he is winning, defensive, betting on crowding people behind instead of looking to expand the scoreboard.

Today, little and nothing is said about that with a cold phone call Koeman ran Luis Suárez from the club and undid the productive and incomparable partnership with Messi.

The occasions that he has humiliated publicly to Riqui Puig, a true jewel from the quarry who at 22 sees his process delayed by a coach who simply has something personal against him.

Today Koeman feels so empowered inexplicably, which speaks of enlarge his contract with the club, criticizes the president Joan Laporta accusing him of ‘filter‘and even demands “all the can”.

It goes again: What gives it value? What has won the dutch beyond a trophy less like the Copa del Rey? Does Barcelona really have a future thanks to Koeman?

Debuting young people who are not yet ready for the big leagues, despise to others, and bet on a football slacker, it is not from any perspective a future flattering for Barça …

If Ronald Koeman is the future of FC Barcelona, ​​then that future is miserable. At the time.

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