Gonzalo Higuaín in Fútbol 360: “I don’t see it possible to return to the National Team”

Gonzalo Higuaín in Fútbol 360: "I don't see it possible to return to the National Team"

Gonzalo Higuaín spoke hand in hand with ESPN Fútbol 360 and ruled out a return to the Argentine National Team; In addition, he reiterated his “weakness” for Julián Álvarez de River and told how he is present at Inter Miami of the MLS and his plan for the future.

“I am a person who when I make a decision, I take it with the consequences that it brings.and. Perhaps having made that decision I missed the opportunity to be champion with Argentina, which is my greatest wish. I am very good, very happy, relaxed in the head enjoying my family. I do not see it possible to return to the National Team, they were many years of wear and tear. My head completely disconnected from the Selection. I am in another stage of my life, I have little left. I would not go back with myself, especially for mine, more than for me. One more stain for me would not do anything to me, but I do it more than anything for my daughter. Today my priority is my family, the choice is on that side, it’s a shame ”.

“I speak with the boys, when they won the Copa América I spoke with Leo (Messi), Fideo (Ángel Di María), Ota (Nicolás Otamendi), with Kun (Sergio Agüero). Leo also in an interview said that this was one of those who were not and that made me very happy too. When things don’t have to be given, they don’t happen, and when they have to be given, they happen. I was very close, I stay with the route, everything I gave and tried. It was a wonderful race that I enjoyed to the fullest. Today I do not change for anything in the world to see my daughter smile “.

“The feeling is different, the emotion and adrenaline are different. If you feel happy because in the end it was given to them and that Leo said that to one makes you feel comfortable thinking that I will contribute my grain of sand. previous litter. It did me good to listen to Leo “.

“I always enjoyed the National Team, one goes to the National Team only because of the pride of wearing that shirt and representing that country.”

“I like Julián from the first goal he scores in the Copa Libertadores with a local hole … there I said Wow, 18 years old, Copa Libertadores, I said” Eye “… From there I started to follow him and it is a weakness that I have, he is one of the 9 that I like to see play ”.

“I don’t know if it’s 9 Julián… for me Julián has no position, he can play for the 3 attacking positions. I think you have to give him freedom because he has all the qualities to play free. “

“We have exchanged shirts with Julián, he sent me his and I sent mine”.

“I watch Argentine soccer when I can, I usually watch River.”

“When you come as a tourist you don’t see anything, it is not the same as living here. With my family here I am very calm, the truth is that we enjoy it a lot.”

“Honestly, you are very far from the competition in Europe, it is a league that takes a lot of affection but now that there are people the truth is that I am enjoying it a lot.”

“There is no relegation here, now the first direct qualifies and plays there semifinals.”

“There are many players who want to come and play here. The League is very nice, I like to play it. Good teams, good players.”

“As a visitor you travel a day before, as a local we do not concentrate but as a visitor we do.”

“The courts are beautiful, they are remodeling them and a lot of people come in. The one in Atlanta comes in 80 thousand people.”

“Leo (Astrada) made my debut in the preseason at Miramar… Mommy. It made me debut as a hitch, I was bald like now. With 38. Falcao and Almerales played up, we lost. What a beautiful memory to debut so young, and that you have given me the possibility of fulfilling a dream ”.

“I was not going to go to the Real Madrid first team. They bought me and they were going to leave me at Castilla. There was the possibility of going on loan as well. My dad on the plane told me: “The only thing I’m going to ask you is that you don’t be afraid. Never fear, if I respect ”… and that phrase stuck with me. When I arrived, I trained with the first team and at the second session Capello told me “You stay with us.” After 3 or 4 days I made my debut as a starter in the Copa del Rey. I ended up playing on the right ”.

“There was a band that had to be entered with calm feet,” he remarked on the figures that the Merengue had at that time.

“With Benzema it was a very healthy competition but we had to do our best. The year that Cristiano arrives. he scores 27 goals and I 26. The next market brought Kaká and Benzema. There I said how many goals I have to score… Karim came and made him get the best version of me and I him. It’s a tremendous 9 ”.

“Maradona took me to my first World Cup. I achieved much more than expected, playing in the best clubs, in the world, in the best leagues. It could not be given to me unfortunately. I have a life ahead of me, I am super happy, I don’t look back, I try to look forward. What happened, happened and will remain as a memory ”.

“I didn’t expect it, not one bit. I did not expect to play 6 months in River and go to Real Madrid. I hoped to play a couple of years in River, play Copa Libertadores and from there jump to Europe. Staying at Real Madrid was very hard, it was difficult to enter the Bernabéu when I was 18 years old. Around when you are in the moment you do not value it and now that the years go by and I see myself in the top scorers in the history of Real Madrid I am surprised and say “How gross what I did”I dreamed of playing in Europe but I did not imagine the career I did “

“Physically I see it similar to the one in the MLS premier. If they are distracted and leave holes, but later they win the position because they are fast. If competitiveness is higher in Europe but here, the level of demand is different. People outside are calmer “

“Sharing the pitch with my brother is the best. Soccer disunited us and brought us back together. Living in the same city with my brother and my nephew is nice. My nephews don’t see me as an uncle, but as a player. Playing with him was tremendous, the day before my mother passed away she gave me the pass and I scored the goal, it seemed written, and she saw it. She could see that and it was her ultimate dream. “

“Don’t get me into trouble… I have no idea about Leo in Miami. I have one year left on my contract and Leo I think he signed 2 or 3 years in Paris, I don’t think we agreed. The club wants it, let’s see ”.

“After that year I take it sabbatical, away from football and everything.”

“Beckham played me (laughs)… as a good boss. The reunion was a little more enjoyable, you can see his presence when he is or when he is not. It motivates his presence, he is the face of the club. He’s a super calm, charismatic guy, a very nice guy ”.

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