How many payouts per event did Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort sell?

Evander Holyfield y Vitor Belfort

The fight entered Evander holyfield and Vitor Belfort sold 150 thousand payouts per event, so they came up short to make a profit.

“The event raised around 150,000 payouts per event between the various platforms, which would mean a massive waste of money for Triller“, reported the journalist Dan rafael. “That generated a total of 7.5 million, a figure that is not even close to paying for the bags and the rest of the expenses.”

The clash between the heavyweight legend and the mixed martial arts expeller came to a disappointing end as he did not make it past the first episode.

Belfort punished a Holyfield close to 60 years of age, after he looked old and sluggish. When Vitor He tested his power, put it in poor condition, sent it to the mat and then the referee decided to stop the fight, because Holyfield did not answer.

Evander He said at the end of the fight that he was not injured and that he was in condition to continue in the fight, but most of the specialized journalists agreed that the official’s decision was the correct one.

Some reports pointed out that Holyfield He received more than $ 5 million, but the actual amount paid by the company is unknown so far.

Evander came in at the last minute as a relief from Oscar de la hoya, who was originally going to face Belfort and had to withdraw from combat for testing positive for coronavirus.

Dan rafael replied in Twitter to another user who was sure that a return from Golden boy I would have given you better numbers.

Fight against Jake Paul

On the other hand, Belfort challenged Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Jake paul and even Ryan kavanaugh, President of Triller, said to agree to a fight where the winner between the YouTuber and Brazilian would earn 30 million dollars.

“It is the largest amount you will have in your career,” he commented. Kavanaugh. “On Triller we agree to a fight to agree to Jake paul and Vitor Belfort, where the winner takes everything ”.

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