“It’s silly”: Dana White explodes over fights between Evander Holyfield and Tito Ortiz

Evander Holyfield y Tito Ortiz

Dana White, president of the UFC, exploded against organizers of exhibition fights such as those in which he participated Evander holyfield in view of Vitor Belfort and Tito Ortiz against Anderson Silva, and called those who bought pay-per-view fools.

“Let me put it this way: anyone who is stupid enough and wants to pay and watch these stupid fights, Anderson Silva dominated Tito Ortiz”Commented the executive of the mixed martial arts company.

The Brazilian, who was a middleweight champion for many years of the UFC, knocked out Titus in the first round, after he tried to knock out, but never had a chance to do it.

After what Silva measured Ortiz, let him enter at close range and that he saw that he was not in any danger, he hunted him to connect him first with a right hook that put Titus in poor condition, and then send him to sleep with a left crusader.

Tito Ortiz no he has nothing to do in boxing, “commented Dana. “Titus is forty-something, Evander holyfield He’s almost 60 years old and he’s fighting. That’s dumb, all of that is dumb and there will always be a certain number of stupid people to buy and pay for those fights. “

For its part, Holyfield, who will turn 59 on October 19, fell in the first round against Vitor Belfort, former light heavyweight champion of the UFC.

Evander took the fight with less than two weeks notice, after Oscar de la hoya tested positive for coronavirus.

The heavyweight legend showed his age by only throwing jabs and when he tried to cut the distance, he could never land a blow, until Vitor released his hands and sent him to the mat.

Although Holyfield got up, Belfort He went out to hunt him down and after more than 15 unanswered blows, the referee decided to stop the fight.

“… may be the best of all time”

When Tito Ortiz left the UFC did not do so on the best terms with Dana White, who now took the opportunity to question the boxing skills of Titus and praise Anderson Silva because of what he did in mixed martial arts and now boxing.

Titus He can’t box ”, he sentenced. “He’s a horrible boxer and that’s why I said I would box with him, but the other thing is that when Titus fought here (in the UFC), Tito had a good jaw. He took good shots from people who hit hard. Anderson Silva knocked him out in 40 seconds. Anderson Silva He could be the best of all time in combat sports.

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