“The easiest fight of his career,” says president of Mayweather Promotions de Canelo Álvarez

Floyd Mayweather y Canelo Álvarez

Leonard ellerbe, President of Mayweather Promotions, ensured that the fight between Floyd maywether and Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez it was the easiest in the American’s career.

“It was probably the easiest fight for Floyd and think that a judge saw it the other way “, he said Ellerbe on Twitter. “Floyd I was 36 and Canelo 23 at the time with a 42-0 record and outscored him by 20 pounds on fight night. The naysayers will say he was inexperienced, they will do whatever it takes to demean Floyd“.

Response from Ellerbe He came after eight years of what has been, so far, the only defeat in the Mexican’s career.

That night of September 14, 2013, Mayweather defeated the Canelo by majority decision by cards of 117-111, 116-112 and 114-114.

Subsequently, a user in Twitter reminded him of Ellerbe who had also said the same thing at the time of the fight with Manny pacquiao. However, he replied that the Canelo it was easier for Floyd and told a little-known anecdote about what happened to Canelo the week after the fight.

“I always gave his arguments to Canelo”, He commented. “Few know that when the show and everything had passed, he was still in the hotel feeling that he had disappointed his country. I hugged him and told him to raise his damn head and that one day he was going to be a great fighter and he would make his people proud. “

Since then, Saul he has been on the rise and has not lost a fight again, and has even become the best pound for pound of different rankings and seeks to become the only undisputed champion at 168 pounds.

“I was not going to know how to control it”

Some months ago, Canelo recognized that a victory over Floyd It would have caused his fame to rise, but he considered that if they faced each other in his best moments he would have defeated him.

“It has nothing to do with me if we are both in our prime,” he said. “Absolutely nothing, I would knock him out without a problem. But God he knows why he does things, maybe if he had won at that moment, imagine the fame and the money that would have come, he would not know how to control it. He did not have the experience, the maturity and he was not by far the fighter that I am today.

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