The Ring magazine also removes Óscar Valdez from its rankings after doping

Revista The Ring también retira a Óscar Valdez de sus rankings tras dopaje

The prestigious magazine The Ring, decided to remove the Mexican Oscar Valdez of their rankings, after the Mexican tested positive in an anti-doping control. The magazine joins ESPN, which also withdrew Valdez of their rankings.

Among the arguments given by the panelists of the magazine The Ring to make his decision, he points out that both fighters signed up for the VADA as part of WBC Clean Boxing Program. For this reason, when testing positive for a prohibited substance, the fight against the Brazilian Robson Conceicao it had to have been canceled.

The magazine points out that there was a very dark cloud, which made neither the Athletic Commission of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, who supervised the fight, nor the CMB, sanction the boxer. Thus, they allowed the fight to run its course on September 11 in Arizona.

What did The Ring panelists say about Oscar Valdez?

Martin Mulcahey, panelist of The Ring, spoke about the situation of Valdez and the bad decisions you made.

“Are we going to tackle the place of Oscar Valdez in the ranking for a failed anti-doping test? This is a bit like when we know that a bad decision has been made in the ring, but we have no real way to reverse the official decisions. Only this time the bad decision has happened outside the ring, “he said.

For its part, Doug fischer, editor-in-chief of The Ring, He assured that with what happened with the Mexican they would establish a new standard from now on.

“I think we should put it to a vote,” he argued. Fischer. “If we believe that Valdez took banned substances and we removed him from the rankings for that alone, could that be considered unfair given some of our previous decisions to NOT remove fighters who tested positive for banned substances? Absolutely. But I think we should be transparent about it, acknowledge it, and move on. If we set a new standard with Valdez, I agree with that as long as we hold everyone to the same standard. “

Likewise, the editor-in-chief Tom gray agreed with this new idea and gave his opinion on the case of Oscar Valdez.

“Our reluctance to act really comes from the reluctance of the CMB and the reluctance of the commission, ”he said Gray. “I have a lot of respect for Mauricio Sulaiman (president of the CMB), but when he puts on his scientist hat, as he did with (Lewis) Nery (when Nery failed a test in 2017), it just doesn’t work. Valdez It was 27 points above the “allowed limit” for phentermine (the limit is 50) in terms of what falls into the category of contamination. What’s the point that the (Clean Boxing Program) rules are in place if they’re so easy to break? ”

Some members of the panel chose to stay on the sidelines. Among those who were in favor of Valdez should be removed from the classifications were found Michael montero, Tris dixon and Martin Mulcahey.

“When it comes to Valdez, I vote to quit, “he said Huntsman. “I think we should add a disclosure at the bottom of our Rating Rules / Policies on cases like this. We need to set some clear standards that are easy to follow. “

“I think we should follow the example of VADA on anti-doping testing standards, starting with its Prohibited List. Remember, they don’t distinguish between ‘in competition’ and ‘out of competition’ tests. They are based on the ‘in competition’ panel of the WADA 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (which I think is the smart way to go). This is an opportunity for you The Ring be a leader among our peers on an important issue. “

How was the super feather ranking of The Ring

With the decision made by the panelists and the magazine’s top brass, Oscar Valdez was removed from number one in the ranking, so they all rose one place, while the last rival of the Mexican, the Brazilian Robson Conceicao entered the list.

1.- Jamel Herring

2.- Miguel Berchelt

3.- Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov

4.- Chris Colbert

5.- Shakur Stevenson

6.- Roger Gutierrez

7.- O’saquie Foster

8.- Xavier Martinez

9.- Azinfa Fusile

10.- Robson Conceicao

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