Julio César Chávez reveals that his children are in rehab; Chávez Jr has not posted since July 6

Julio César Chávez revela que sus hijos están en rehabilitación; Chávez Jr no postea desde 6 de julio

The great Mexican champion, Julio Cesar Chavez, made it known that his children, Julio César Chávez Jr., and Omar Chavez They have been in addiction rehab for a few months.

So much Julito What Omar They have been missing for several weeks from social networks, where they were previously active users. July do not post anything in Instagram since July 6, and Omar since August 26.

“They are in recovery,” he said. Julio Cesar Chavez in an interview with the program Windowing. “I think they will be well physically, mentally and spiritually because they are good, they are noble. Unfortunately, sometimes they take the wrong path, they follow steps that they already lived and I lived. I think my children are still on time and we have to give them another chance. I think we all deserve a second chance and more to be clean ”.

Chavez He pointed out that both are in Culiacán in rehabilitation and hopes that they will be able to reconsider as soon as possible. However, he did not specify if they are admitted to a clinic.

“I can’t tell you if they are in a clinic (in Culiacán), right now they are thinking about what they did wrong,” he said. July. “There are many mistakes that they have to correct, because this life they have led does not leave them anything new.”

Chavez He assured that his two sons have relapsed due to their constant failures in boxing, since they arrive without preparing well for their fights.

“Their careers have been falling apart fight after fight because they do not arrive well prepared, because they do not prepare thoroughly, because they have faculties, unfortunately at the time of the fight they are heavy, they did not prepare well,” he added.

Latest publications of Chávez Jr in social networks

Julio César Chávez Jr, who is the one who uses social networks the most, wrote his last post on Twitter on July 5 with the caption: “Forbidden to forget God.”

Similarly, in Instagram, it was on July 6 when he published a series of family videos, where he is visibly haggard.

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