Mariano Galarza and his captaincy in Bayonne: “I assume this role with great responsibility”

Mariano Galarza and his captaincy in Bayonne: "I assume this role with great responsibility"

Mariano Galarza took the post as captain of Bayonne on the Pro D2. The native of May 25 stated that Whoever wears the tape must preach “by example” and at 34 years of age he sets a goal: to return the Basque team back to the Top 14. In dialogue with Rugbyrama he also told who were the Argentines who inspired him in his time as Pumas (26 tests) and Pampas XV.

It’s been 13 years since the Argentine second line packed the suitcases and left La Plata, where he had arrived with a fresh 18 years to study and play at the University of La Plata. Fate was Worcester, where he stayed for a year, and then moved to Gloucester where he stayed four seasons until he chose to experience French rugby. His new club was the Bordeaux where he had a fleeting step and in 2019 he joined his current club: Bayonne.

With only two years, Galarza became the captain, regarding which he said: “At the beginning I did not expect. It wasn’t something I was looking for. When he told me i felt honored. After a few years here, I could see the importance that Aviron Bayonnais has in the city, in the lives of the fans. With all the players and leaders that we have, the human and rugby quality of our group is a very great responsibility. When you see how Bayona vibrates with rugby and all the passion that surrounds it, it is an honor to be the captain of this club“.

His extensive experience in European rugby makes him one of the best options to take over as group leader. “I assume this role with great responsibility, but I want to take advantage of it. So I take it positively. We have a very good group, we are all friends and colleagues. We want everything to go well, that’s why my role is not complicated, “Galarza said, who also stressed that” I need to be more aware of what the team needs, our opponent, our condition. It is important to feel the team, to know how we are at each moment of the week, to know the points that need to be improved “.

Having already the experience of having captained Pampas XV, Galarza defined his new role as the one responsible for setting an example on the pitch. “I hope to do it this year. This is my main goal. So I think a captain has to be positive. I’m not a guy who screams a lot. So I will try to be a leader by example“reflected the new Bayonne leader.

When it was the turn of revealing who are the referents that he takes as an example, the second line did not hesitate to choose his compatriots: “Yes, great captains like Agustin Creevy and Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe. The good thing is that Argentines live rugby in a very similar way to the French, with a lot of passion. We put our body in it, we put everything in it and I think that the French and the Argentines feel rugby in the same way, “argued Galarza.

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