ALMOST recovered and defeated Buenos Aires as a visitor

ALMOST recovered and defeated Buenos Aires as a visitor

ALMOST defeated Buenos Aires by 42 to 22 as a visitor by the eighth date of the URBA Top 12 and he recovered from the defeat suffered in the classic against SIC of the last date.

The combined of Victory He came from getting his first win against Pucará by 22-17 and he was looking to maintain that good moment. On the visit side, they had suffered a very hard defeat in the classic by 41-15, and were looking to return to the path of victory.

The meeting started with Buenos Aires as protagonist and through his captain, Agustin Peirano, managed to open the scoring with three penalties. He sought to combine every time he had the ball and put the visit to defend and not be able to exploit his game. The local fullback took advantage of his kick, which he used whenever he had the chance, and the backs gave the game fluidity. ALMOST seemed to be in the same situation as the previous game: without reacting.

10 minutes from the end of the first part, the opening Martin Roger got the first three points for the visiting team. However, when it seemed that The academy began to lift, a great play from the local backs allowed him to Joaquin Cantilo support the first try of the afternoon. About the end of the initial stage, Matias Phelan he scored close to the flag, after a great assist from Martín Roger, to begin to direct the comeback.

The add-on was a totally different version of both teams. ALMOST grew dramatically, his backs took the confidence that they lacked in the first stage and took advantage of every space left by the venue. The game flowed and they intelligently took advantage of the wind in their favor. Their forwards were more in these minutes and by means of a maul and a scrum they reached two tries. The second half of La Academia was forceful, he managed to change the chip and returned to victory after three dates.


BUENOS AIRES (22): 1- Facundo Cambiasso, 2- Tomás Rosasco, 3- Blas Coria; 4- Julian Pomerantz, 5- Camilo Ihan; 6- Francisco Ibarra, 7- Ignacio Almasqué, 8- Jordi Dieguez; 9- Alejo Novo, 10- Joaquín Pellandini; 11- Joaquín Cantilo; 12- Juan Rego, 13- Ramiro Costa; 14- Alfonso Latorre; 15- Agustin Peirano (C).

Changes: ST: 5 ‘Facundo Badino by Blas Coria, 16’ Juan Segundo Campbell by Jordi Dieguez, 22 ‘Tomás Forner by Jordi Dieguez, 26’ Pedro García Iturralde by Ramiro Costa, 33 ‘Juan Segundo Campbell by Francisco Ibarra, 36’ Enzo Materazzi by Tomás Rosasco, 39 ‘Tomás Ruiz by Facundo Cambiasso.

Trainers: Nicolás De Gregori and Gonzalo Camacho.

ALMOST (42): 1- Facundo Scaiano, 2- Juan Torres Obeid, 3- Ignacio Nieto Sánchez; 4- Tomás Corman, 5- Leo Mazzini; 6- Agustin Posleman, 7- Joaquín Saenz de Miera, 8- Luis Briatore; 9- Agustin Figuerola (C), 10- Martin Roger; 23- Joaquin Palisa; 12- Jerónimo Solveyra, 13- Benjamin Belaga; 21- Matias Phelan; 15- Tobías Casaurang.

Changes: ET: Martín Brousson by Facundo Scaiano. ST: 5 ‘Félix Paolucci by Ignacio Nieto, 38’ Bruno Siri by Joaquín Saenz de Miera, 39 ‘Nicolás Gómez Carrillo by Tobías Casaurang.

Coach: Patricio O’Reilly.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 2 ‘Agustin Peirano penalty (B), 13’ Agustin Peirano penalty (B), 23 ‘Agustin Peirano penalty (B), 30’ Martin Roger penalty (C), 31 ‘try Joaquín Cantilo converted by Agustin Peirano (B), 37 ‘try Matias Phelan (C), 40’ penalty Agustin Peirano (B).

Partial Result: BUENOS AIRES 19 – 8 ALMOST

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 4 ‘try Juan Torres Obeid converted by Martin Roger (C), 12’ try Juan Torres Obeid converted by Martin Roger (C), 18 ‘penalty Agustin Peirano (B), 23’ penalty Martin Roger (C), 31 ‘try penalty (C), 34 ‘penalty Martin Roger (C), 38’ try Joaquín Palisa converted by Martin Roger (C).

Final score: BUENOS AIRES 22 – 42 ALMOST

WARNED: PT: 16 ‘Leo Mazzini (C). ST: 42 ‘Bruno Siri (C).

REFEREE: Santiago de Achával


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