Anderson Silva’s coach wants a fight with Floyd Mayweather

Anderson Silva y Floyd Mayweather

Luiz Carlos Dorea, coach of Anderson Silva, revealed that the former Brazilian champion would like to fight against Floyd mayweather.

“It is my wish and his (Anderson) ”, He replied in an interview with AG Fight. “We respect Floyd mayweather and he is one of the great boxers in history. It was tested against a YouTuber heavier than himLogan paul), so why not Anderson Silva? It could break some pay-per-view records. We would like to do it, it makes sense ”.

This comes after the two fights he had Silva in boxing this year.

The first was against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in June, he counted as a professional. Anderson surprised and beat him by split decision in the role that Julio Cesar Chavez faced Hector Camacho Jr.

While on September 11, on the billboard of Evander holyfield and Vitor Belfort, Silva easily defeated Tito Ortiz.

“One of the best boxers against one of the best athletes in MMA of the world ”, he assured Luiz. “Floyd faced Logan paul, who doesn’t have much boxing experience in an exhibition match. I think we could reach an agreement. These fights against YouTubers they can also happen, because Anderson he wants something to motivate him. Soon we will have good news ”.

For its part, Mayweather and Logan they met in an exhibition match on June 5 that achieved more than one million pay-per-view sales.

However, despite the good results, Floyd he announced that this would be his last contest.

They do not rule out a fight with YouTubers

Luiz Carlos Dorea He also assured that Anderson Silva He is struck by fighting against one of the brothers Paul, Jake or Logan.

“They promote the fight very well, but technically they do not have the conditions to face great athletes,” he said. “Jake he chooses his rivals, he promotes himself well; Logan was promoted well against Floyd. If television promotes, the public wants to see it, then I think it will last a long time. I do not know if Jake and Logan risk fighting with SilvaLet’s see if they have that attitude ”.

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