Atlético Tucumán vs. Boca Juniors – Game Report – September 18, 2021

Atlético Tucumán vs.  Boca Juniors - Game Report - September 18, 2021

( – Boca, with many substitutes, won a valuable 2-1 victory against Atlético Tucumán as a visitor, on date 12 of the Professional Football League.

In this way, Xeneize adds 18 points and was eight behind the Talleres leader, with 26, waiting for what Lanús can do on Monday, which could also reach the top.

Xeneize won with justice with a very good job in the first half, where before the first half hour of the game they were winning 2-0.

Sebastián Battaglia put together a team with many substitutes, taking into account that on Wednesday he will play against Patronato for the quarterfinals of the Argentine Cup.

A tournament that is key for Boca thinking about winning it and achieving the direct passage to the Copa Libertadores in 2022.

Anyway, the hierarchy of the xeneize squad allowed him to have footballers such as Advíncula, Lisandro López, Izquierdoz, Fabra, Cardona and Pavón, among others.

At 11 minutes came the opening of the scoreboard, with a kind of carom that led to the 1 to 0 marked by Lisandro López.

After a corner kick that was not (the referee Mastrángelo did not have a good performance), the defender xeneize took advantage of a bad clearance by the rival defense and the ball was left to turn around the edge of the small area and break the zero.

Boca was more against a rival who could not find the ball, and at 29 minutes he justified the 2-0 partial. Cardona yielded very well for Pavón, the forward sent a very good center back and the kid Montes entered only for 2-0.

In the complement, Boca had the 3 to 0 with another overflow, in this case from Fabra, but Orsini, who had already missed a goal only with a head, could not connect to convert either.

From that counter came a center to the Boca area, and Lisandro López, in his eagerness to reject, ended up taking the ball ahead and putting against the 2 to 1 part.

Ultimately that would be the final result of the game. Boca could have increased with a good play where Luchetti showed off twice to cover the goal first to Pavón and then to Molinas.

The tucumanos disturbed Boca in some passages, especially with shots from outside the area, but they did not have the necessary precision to endanger Rossi’s fence. On the closing, Mussis saw the red for a strong foul against Molinas.

The truth is that Boca scored three important points in Tucumán, in a stadium where it had not won for 45 years. Battaglia remains undefeated with four wins and two draws, and now he will have to focus on what is coming.

First, Board of Trustees, thinking of getting into the semifinals of the Argentine Cup. And for the local tournament, Colón will arrive on date 13 and then River, no less, in a clash that can begin to define the future of both in the contest.

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