David Benavidez assured that he has the power to beat Jermall Charlo by knockout

Jermall Charlo y David Benavidez, 18/09/21

David benavidez I consider that Jermall charlo he feels more than he really is and he was confident that he would beat him by knockout if they got to fight.

“I believe that Charlo he’s not as good a fighter as he thinks he is, “he said. Benavidez to the The SI Boxing Podcast. “It’s still good and I think it would be a great fight, but I could stop it.”

Although Benavidez He currently fights in the super middleweight, has shown interest in moving down the division to put an end to the undefeated Charlo.

David was surprised when he saw Charlo get up to the cards in your last fight against Juan Macías Montiel, last June.

However, he does not believe that reaching the end of the fight instead of knocking him out was the result of poor preparation of Jermell.

“I honestly believed that Charlo I was going to knock him out early in the fight, “he said. “Watching him make it to the last round was very surprising, but I honestly wouldn’t believe he didn’t train that hard for that fight. Montiel he is a great fighter. He had two losses, but all his triumphs have been by knockout ”.

Last August, Benavidez challenged Caleb Plant already Charlo on his mission to win a world title again.

David was going to fight two more times in the year, but tested positive for coronavirus, so his confrontation with Jose Uzcategui it was postponed from August to November.

Now, Benavidez He will return on November 13 to extend his undefeated 24-game win and seek a more attractive contest.

For its part, Charlo was arrested in a bar San antonio for allegedly stealing money from a waitress and participating in a violent incident.

Benavidez and Charlo, by knockout

So much David benavidez What Jermall charlo they have knockout power in their hands. David has won 22 of 24 fights via chloroform, while Jermall He’s 22 out of 32.

Benavidez He was already super middleweight world champion for the CMBBut first, an arrest for possession of drugs and weapons caused him to be stripped of his belt.

Although some time later he recovered it, he lost it on the scale before Roamer Alexis Angulo, so again it was taken away.

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