Argentina XV defeated Uruguay 28-19

Argentina XV defeated Uruguay 28-19

Argentina XV defeated Los Teros by 28 to 19 in the friendly played at the Charrúa Stadium in Montevideo. For the local team, it was the Last test before testing against the United States, for a place in RWC 2023.

The game started with many inaccuracies on both sides. Both albicelestes and Uruguayans made several errors in handling the ball and mainly at the time of contact. However, that did not prevent both teams from being encouraged to attack and, as a consequence, from the tries.

Uruguay struck first with the conquests of Gaston Mieres, after a good scrum in attack, and the captain, Nicolas Freitas, after taking advantage of a good counterattack, due to a bad start by Argentina XV from the bottom. The national cast had theirs and with the push of the maul he reached the try through Javier Coronel. In turn, with a good conquest of Martin Bogado, those led by Enrique Pichot managed to go to rest 19 to 14 down, a meager difference for the superiority shown by the locals in that first half.

In the complement, Argentina XV improved its image. The changes made by the coach not only gave him freshness, but also allowed him to improve in the scrum, a platform in which he had had problems in the first time. Conrado Roura’s try It was a sample of the Argentine improvement, which had greater dividends with the conquest of Bautista Bernasconi after a good combined play between forwards and backs.

At the end, the selected Albiceleste was close to widening differences, but the Uruguayan claw did not allow it. The victory was just for a team that came with few training sessions on top and that faced a rival who played their last test before the great challenge of the playoffs against the United States, for a place in France 2023.


ARGENTINA XV (28): 1. Nicolás Revol Pitt, 2. Bautista Bernasconi, 3. Javier Ángel Coronel, 4. Ignacio Cálas, 5. Federico Gutiérrez, 6. Jerónimo Gómez Vara, 7. Conrado Roura, 8. Bautista Pedemonte, 9. Rafael Iriarte, 10. Gerónimo Prisciantelli, 11. Martín Bogado, 12. Justo Piccardo, 13. Tomás Cubilla (C), 14. Francisco Pisani, 15. Santiago Vera Feld.

Changes: ST: 10´ Martín Elías by Justo Piccardo, Gonzalo Hughes by Javier Coronel and Pedro Rubiolo by Bautista Pedemonte, 18´ Francisco Minervino by Nicolás Revol Pitt, 31´ Juan Cruz Strada by Rafael Iriarte and Mariano Muntaner by Bautista Bernasconi, 33´ Brian González by Gonzalo Hughes and Agustín Segura by Tomás Cubilla, 34´ Lucio Anconetani Picca by Federico Gutierrez, 35´ Joaquín Moro by Ignacio Calas, 37´ Iñaki Delguy by Santiago Vera Feld.

URUGUAY (19): 1. Juan Echeverría, 2. Guillermo Pujadas, 3. Diego Arbelo, 4. Felipe Aliaga, 5. Igancio Dotti, 6. Eric Dosantos, 7. Santiago Civetta, 8. Manuel Diana, 9. Tomás Inciarte, 10. Felipe Etcheverry, 11. Gastón Mieres, 12. Nicolás Freitas, 13. Felipe Arcos Pérez, 14. Federico Favaro, 15. Rodrigo Silva.

Changes: PT: 26´ Matías Benítez by Juan Echeverría, 35´ by Mateo Viñals by Gastón Mieres. ST: 1´ Baltazar Amaya by Rodrigo Silva, 5´ Manuel Ardao by Eric Dosantos, 16´ Ignacio Péculo and Diego Magno by Diego Arbelo and Ignacio Dotti, 21´ Juan Manuel Tafernaberry by Tomás Inciarte.

Points in the First Half: 16´ Try by Gastón Mieres (U), 20´ Try by Nicolás Freitas converted by Federico Favaro (U), 31´Try by Javier Coronel converted by Gerónimo Prisciantelli (A), 34´Try by Tomás Inciarte converted by Federico Favaro (U ), 38 Try by Martín Bogado converted by Gerónimo Prisciantelli (A).

Partial Result: Uruguay 19 – 14 Argentina XV

Points in the Second Half: 22´ Try by Conrado Roura converted by Martín Elías (A), 24´ Try by Bautista Bernasconi converted by Martín Elías (A).

Admonished: ST. 21´ Manuel Ardao (U) and 37´ Martín Bogado (A).

Referee: Claudio Cattivelli

BASKETBALL COURT: Charrúa Stadium.

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