SIC thrashed Olivos 76-7 in the M17

SIC thrashed Olivos 76-7 in the M17

By the sixth date of Group 2 Zone D, of the Munder 18, SIC thrashed, as a visitor, to olives by 76-7. The set of San Isidro he was superior during the 80 minutes and got the bonus point.

The meeting began with the Ditch dominating the game. He knew how to exploit the great level of his backs and took advantage of the multiple shortcomings that his rival committed. He based his game on patience and came to support the rival ingoal four times.

In the complement the difference grew exponentially. SIC did what he wanted with the ball and, with the opening Agustin Sascaro as a flag, he exploited every space he left and the mistake made by those of Pelliza.

He sought to play every time he had the ball and showed why he is one of the animators of this Zone D. At the same time, the few times he had to defend within his 5-meter line, he showed great solidity and searching, whenever it was possible to gain meters with offensive tackles. He managed to break down the defense and support nine more tries in the second stage.


OLIVE TREES (7): 1- Lucas Bechini, 2- Joaquín Pigretti, 3- Cristian Charnis; 4- Agustin Lopez Vila, 5- Manuel Guedes ©; 6- Mateo Poey, 7- Lucas Faró, 8- Ignacio Rodríguez; 9- Francisco Palazzo, 10- Lautaro Franco; 11- Francisco Veleff; 12- Rodrigo Da Silva, 13- Eric Zager; 14- Valentin Klyever; 15- Ignacio Salvado.

SIC (76): 1- Felipe Ramirez Valloscuro, 2- Gabriel Barsuglia, 3- Conrado Figueroa; 4- Felipe Livingston, 5- Augusto Orella; 6- Mateo Pinto, 7- Agustin Rizzato, 8- Dante Terenghi; 9- Juan Bautista Veleff, 10- Agustin Sascaro ©; 11- Francisco Ramos; 12- Francisco Luc, 13- Felipe Coral; 14- Tiago Mendez; 15- Juan De Las Carreras.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME 4 ‘try Francisco Ramos (S), 11’ try Felipe Ramirez Valloscuro converted by Juan De Las Carreras (S), 16 ‘try Dante Terenghi converted by Juan De Las Carreras (S), 40’ try Tiago Mendez converted by Juan De Las Racing (S).

Partial result: 0-26.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME 3 ‘try Gabriel Barauglia (S), 9’ try and conversion by Francisco Palazzo (O), 14 ‘try Juan Bautista Veleff (S), 19’ try Francisco Luc (S), 21 ‘try and conversion by Agustin Sascaro (S ), 29 ‘try Francisco Coral converted by Agustin Sascaro (S), 32’ try Mateo Pinto converted by Agustin Sascaro (S), 34 ‘try and conversion by Agustin Sascaro (S), 40’ try Felipe Coral converted by Agustin Sascaro ( S).

Final score: 7-76.

Admonished: There was not.

REFEREE: Alejandro Silva.


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