URBA Femenino: Club Ciudad defeated Manzanares at home with a categorical 50-0

URBA Femenino: Club Ciudad defeated Manzanares at home with a categorical 50-0

Town became strong at home and defeated 50-0 Manzanares, for a new day of URBA Female.

The Muni girls conquered the rival ingoal eight times and several times they had the pleasure of supporting under the sticks. They scored Camila Vargaz, Gabriela Méndez, Carolina Carrera, Valentina Castro (x2) and Ana Porlay with intermittent conversions from Alfonsina Avendaño.

Regarding the action in the ten mode, Manzanares was the one who generated the most game; is that the girls of the green team had most of the time the possession of the ball but they could not find the offensive plan. On the other hand, the Buenos Aires team dedicated itself to defending (there were strong tackles from Vanesa León) most of the rooms and before each infraction or error by their visitor, they were up to date to score slightly because they found themselves easily to attack each space.

In the last ten, it was difficult for the local to add because on the other side he had an opponent who did not give up and continued to generate play and open the ball, despite the fact that they could not sneak in through the blue and white defense. And, one minute before closing, Ana Porlay makes a feint and a change of pace that made her infiltrate the green defense line to seal with a 50-0 round. Surely both will have a lot to analyze, but time to time, are two of the novelties of the women’s tournament.


Club City (50): Ana Porlay, Evangelina Fomina, Carolina Carrera, Valentina Castro, Camila Vargaz, Sofía Zavala, Alfonsina Avendaño, Carolina Lugo, Adriana Gerónimo, Gabrila Méndez.

Substitutes: Cristina Lagoria (C), Marjorié Medina, Vanesa León, Julieta Brizuela and Sofía Latorre.

Coaches: Nicolás Taiana and Mariano Fernández

Manzanares (0): Cecilia Altini (C), Sabrina Barrionuevo, Romina Carete, Melanie Coroa, Camila Dasso, Anahí Márquez, Carina Portrillo, Talía Roja, Tamara Kubiz and Rocío Cahiza.

Substitutes: Verónica Chagos, Lourdes Díaz Britez and Morena Martínez.

Coaches: Sebastián Ramauge, Alejandro Altini and Agustín Bellatti.

Points: PT: 4 ‘, Try by Sofía Zavala converted by Alfonsina Avendaño and try by Camila Vargaz.

Partial result: 12-0

2T: 1 ‘, Try by Gabriela Méndez, 9’, Try by Sofía Zavala converted by Alfonsina Avendaño.

Partial result: 24-0

3T: 3 ‘, Try by Carolina Carrera, 4’, Try by Valentina Castro converted by Alfonsina Avendaño, 9 ‘, Try by Valentina Castro converted by Alfonsina Avendaño.

Partial result: 43-0

4T: 9 ‘, Try by Ana Porlay converted by Alfonsina Avendaño.

Final: 50-0

Referee: Marcelo Pilara

Court: Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

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