Bears confirm Andy Dalton as starter before Justin Fields, if healthy

Bears confirm Andy Dalton as starter before Justin Fields, if healthy

In the first instance, head coach Matt Nagy declined to answer about the ownership of Andy Dalton, arguing questions of “scheme”

LAKE FOREST – In the hours since the victory of the Chicago Bears by 20-17 on Cincinnati Bengals, the head coach Matt Nagy declined to clarify on multiple occasions whether the veteran Andy dalton (left knee) would remain the team’s starting quarterback, if healthy.

However, five minutes after the morning press conference of Nagy, where he cited “schema” as the reason why he could not disclose whether Dalton he would remain the starting quarterback over the rookie Justin fields, the Bears sent a team official to the media room to announce that Dalton is, in fact, still the starting quarterback of the Bears, as long as your health allows.

The team official noted that Nagy did not understand the question.

“Yes Andy is healthy, is it your owner? ” Nagy when the subject was pressed to him during the press conference.

Answered Nagy: “That’s something I’m not going to get into, with the scheme.”

The health of Dalton is, of course, a big question mark after the 33-year-old veteran left Sunday’s game late in the second quarter.

Dalton sustained the injury on a 14-yard running break, when he landed awkwardly near the sideline of the Bears, and his knee seemed to falter. Dalton immediately pointed to Fields to enter the playing field, and went to the medical tent to be examined. He initially seemed fine, and re-entered the game for a series before heading back to the locker room before halftime. Dalton remained in uniform after intermission, but was not wearing a helmet while remaining on the bench. Bears.

Fields he completed 6 of 13 shipments for 60 yards and an interception, and rushed 10 times for 31 yards.

Nagy said the team was still working to determine the seriousness of the injury to Dalton, but confirmed that the quarterback did not suffer an anterior cruciate ligament tear. With most signs pointing towards Fields starting next Sunday against the Cleveland browns, Nagy should have raised the issue as to whether it would be difficult to return to Dalton Yes Fields is named starter for Week 3.

“Those are all the things we’ve talked about,” he said. Nagy. “We have discussed how things would be, the guesswork game, just to not make emotional decisions. And you also have to see how things go. It is literally the process that is talked about with these quarterbacks and the players in general, and with your offense, defense and special teams.

“It all goes back to what we discussed from day one, which is worrying only about today. We try to stay in the moment for now.”

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