“Crawford vs. Porter will not reach a decision,” warns Andre Ward

Crawford vs Porter no llegará a la decisión, advierte Andre Ward

Andre Ward, former two-division champion, assured that the fight of Terence crawford vs Shawn porter next November 20 it will not reach 12 rounds.

“I think it will be a back and forth fight, and I will be there for both fighters. I don’t see this fight reaching the decision, “he said. Andre Ward in an interview with Fight Hype. “I really think about all the scenarios and I can’t see the fight coming to the decision, I just don’t see it. Maybe it will change, I don’t know, but today I don’t see that I will reach the decision ”.

Andre Ward think that the fight of Crawford vs Porter It ends by knockout, due to the disposition that both fighters usually have for the exchange. Not only do they know how to box well, but they both like to trade.

“We have seen Shawn boxing, even though he’s not that well known for his boxing, but you’ve seen him like to push forward and pull himself together, ”he explained. Ward. “Have you seen Bud (Crawford) stand, fight, and exchange ”.

Ward He indicated that he is looking forward to seeing the battle between his two friends, as they deserved this type of event and even more so the fans.

“I’m happy to see they get paid, and I’m looking forward to a great fight,” he said. Ward. “This fight is going to be different. Some fights, like this one, when you sign them from there you know it’s going to be different. This is going to be a tough fight in which the fighter has to be alert, because if not, he can lose the fight or end up knocked out.

Crawford, who has a record of 37 wins and zero losses with 28 knockouts will make the fifth defense of the 147-pound title. For its part, Porter he has 31 wins, three losses and a draw, with 17 knockouts.

Terence crawford and Shawn porter juicy bag will be distributed

Terence crawford, current welterweight champion of the OMB and Shawn porter reached an agreement to sign the fight that will take place on November 20 in Las Vegas and it has been announced what both boxers will win by getting into the ring.

The champion Crawford will receive $ 6 million guaranteed, while the challenger Shawn porter you will get 4 million. Figures on how much they will earn Crawford and Porter were reported by the journalist Mike Coppinger, from ESPN.

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