Manny Pacquiao and the strange premonitory dream before the knockout against Juan Manuel Márquez

Manny Pacquiao y el extraño sueño premonitorio antes del nocaut contra Juan Manuel Márquez

Manny pacquiao revealed the strange premonitory dream he had a week before his defeat in the fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez in which he fell unconscious after a brutal knockout.

The Filipino narrated that the Sunday before the fight, which took place on December 8, 2012, he had a nightmare that he interprets as a premonition.

“Sometimes, you feel that something is perceived strange or different,” he said. Manny pacquiao in an interview with Toni Gonzaga. “When I lost with Marquez, the previous Sunday night, I had a dream. And my dream was out of the ordinary. “

Manny’s nightmare before losing to Márquez

At the interview, Pacquiao He seems so interested in telling what happened in that nightmare that he even asks the interviewer for permission to narrate it in full.

“I dreamed that I was at the top of a building,” he says. Manny. “I saw the roads, the land, and I saw how the waves of the sea crashed on the beach.”

And then the dream of Manny prior to the fight with Marquez it starts to get weirder and stranger.

“I saw a horse at full gallop with a rider,” he narrates Pacquiao. “It was a red horse. I was galloping very fast, and when I turned to the other side, I saw a deep hole that looked like a dry river. I could see the horse galloping so fast that I thought it would not be able to jump. Even if I jumped, I didn’t think I would make it to the other side. “

Thus came the premonition.

“I saw that the horse and its rider tried to jump to the other side,” he continues Pacquiao. “But the horse could not jump and fell inert right in the middle of the hole, with everything and a rider.”

Then, Manny pacquiao He tells in the interview that he tried to find the meaning of that nightmare.

“I was wondering what the meaning of that dream could be,” he explains. Pacquiao. “I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I called someone in the Philippines, and shared the dream with my pastor. He told me to pray for that dream. “

Manny Pacquiao narrates the premonitory dream of defeat with Márquez

The premonition of the traumatic knockout against Márquez

Manny he was less than a week away from his fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, and ensures that when he arrived in Las Vegas for the last week, the dream continued to haunt him.

“When we got to Las Vegas, I kept thinking about that,” he says. Pacquiao. What could that dream mean? I didn’t understand it ”.

And in the fight, came the most traumatic denouement in the entire career of Manny pacquiao, and probably in boxing history. A right hand of Juan Manuel Marquez went straight into the face of Pacquiao, who fell disconnected, unconscious in a historic knockout.

They spent a couple of minutes with Pacquiao inert on the canvas. He was not moving and the worst was feared. His wife JinkeeIn tears, she was trying desperately to get to the ring and they stopped her from seeing the scene of how they tried to revive her husband. Finally, Pacquiao he was able to wake up again on the ring.

“What happened to me there was exactly what happened in my nightmare: I fell inert in the ring,” he recalls. Manny. “If you watch the fight, you can see that when I woke up, I was smiling. I was smiling when the television cameras caught me. I was smiling because I remembered my dream. Because I understood that I was the rider of the red horse that fell into the hole. He was not angry or sad. I was grateful to God, because He showed me before what was really going to happen. A premonition ”.

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