Yordenis Ugás explains the disease he has been fighting for years

Yordenis Ugás explica la enfermedad contra la que lucha desde hace años

Yordenis Ugás, super welterweight champion of the AMB, and who defeated Manny pacquiao In his last fight, he spoke about alopecia, the disease he has been fighting for years.

The boxer answered this to a fan on his social networks, who asked him if he removed the hair from his face. Here, the Cuban explained in more detail this hair loss that he has suffered from a very young age.

“I do not have hair anywhere, it can be due to many things, anxiety, stress, or it may be the immune system, it is not known exactly,” he revealed. Yordenis Ugas about the disease. “I had it when I was 13 years old and now it came back to me about two years ago.”

The same way, Ugas He sent a sincere message to all those people who suffer from this disease and encouraged them to follow their dreams as he has achieved in his career in the ring.

“And my message is no matter how you look, don’t be embarrassed, no matter how you look or how you speak,” he said. Ugas. “It does not matter anything, you will always make the best person possible and dreams can always be achieved. Look at all that I have achieved in life thanks to God ”.

What’s more Yordenis, made it clear that one should always accept himself as he is, love himself and not feel sorry for the lack of hair or other physical issue.

“And I heard that many people have that outside (alopecia) and many are ashamed to be singled out, that is nothing, they are things that happen in life and you have to move forward and you have to achieve your goals. Always love yourself, accept yourself and keep your head up whatever, ”he added.

Yordenis Ugás to defend his super welterweight championship

The Cuban boxer will defend the championship against Eimantas Stanionis, Since the AMB He has asked him to expose in a plane no longer than 120 days.

And after this, the Cuban will have to fight against the winner of the fight between Jamal james, regular monarch, and Radzhab Butaev.

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