Anthony Joshua is focused on neutralizing Usyk’s left-handed profile

Anthony Joshua está enfocado en neutralizar perfil zurdo de Usyk

Anthony Joshua, multi-champion of the heavyweights of the FIB, WBA and OMB, assured that he has worked in his camp to neutralize the left-handed profile of his rival Oleksandr Usyk for the fight this Saturday, September 25 in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

“What is the biggest threat that would bring me in the ring?” Joshua in an interview with ESPN. “I’d say probably his lefty stance.”

The english fighter He explained details of the training he had to undergo to arrive well prepared for this fight where he will expose his belts.

“He has fought with many fighters who are right-handed,” he said. Joshua. “And during my training process for a southpaw I learned where my feet should be, what controls a southpaw and how to kick back.”

As for his rival, the Ukrainian southpaw Usyk, the champion Anthony Joshua He indicated that he has had to adapt in order to defeat him and maintain his reign.

“His biggest threat (to me) is that he’s used to seeing guys like me (right-handed) throughout his career,” he warned. Joshua. “I have had to train for him for the last three months. So yes, I have adapted ”.

Joshua keeps thinking about Tyson Fury; Usyk is just an obstacle

Anthony Joshua promised that he will do everything in his power to hold the heavyweight unification fight against Tyson fury.

“We are supposed to have fought by this time and we keep talking about this,” he said. AJ to the Daily Mail. “But this will happen, I know that people talk about a lot of politics and things like that, but I promise you that at the end of my career I will have done everything possible to fight with Tyson fury“.

“With me and Tyson It is about the streets, about two warriors, two fighters who come from the amateur system of the United Kingdom and they have made a name for themselves in the world ”, he commented. “We will do it at home. Don’t worry about age, boxing politics, American dollars. It is a British fight that can take place in Wembley, the stadium of Tottenham, O2 or York Hall“, said.

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