Anthony Joshua signs with Matchroom and Eddie Hearn for the rest of his career


Anthony Joshua signed a contract that binds him with Matchroom Boxing and Eddie hearn for the remainder of his professional boxing career.

As posted Matchroom in their social networks and its official page, Joshua and Hearn They signed a new contract with almost total extension.

“We have built an excellent foundation over the years and I appreciate Matchroom: the company, the team, the family business ”, said the boxer. “That is what drew me to you as well, the integrity that the Hearns when it comes to boxing and business. “

“I have felt comfortable during my years as a boxer. I always felt that the business outside of sport is more difficult than the real thing, due to the history and some of the problems that some boxers have had, “he continued. AJ.

“So, being with Matchroom Sport It has been a blessing for me, my family and my team ”, expressed the athlete. “Other than that, what has he done Matchroom Sport is to create an environment for boxing fans. “

“The shows we put on were phenomenal. When I go out to fight, I look around and say, ‘dude, this is amazing.’ From where we started, until the middle of the journey, the foundation we have created is phenomenal and I can’t wait to see what the future holds, ”he said.

“IMHO, what better place to be than Matchroom Boxing?”, he asked himself. “I heard that my firm was a fashion property. I am happy where I am. A handshake is good enough for me, but the signature solidifies it and I’m happy where my signature is ”.

Anthony Joshua, Matchroom and the bond according to Hearn

Eddie hearn also gave statements about the long-term contract, sealed between Matchroom Boxing and Anthony Joshua.

“When AJ and I met in Matchroom, we had a vision and a dream that we shared together, ”he said. Hearn. “There is something very special about sharing a journey together, from pro debut to the day the gloves are hung up, but it takes unwavering loyalty.”

“During those 8 years, AJ has been the face of British boxing, inspiring a new generation and audience to the sport we love. This is the fourth and final promotional agreement that we signed together, and I am honored that AJ confirmed your future with Matchroom“, He counted.

Anthony Joshua next to Eddie hearn.

“As we did from debut, me and the great team of Matchroom we will continue working tirelessly to Anthony in the many chapters that remain ”, commented the businessman. “I also want to thank Frank smith and all the team of Matchroom“.

“Besides, they were in this, along with me Freddie cunningham and 258 with whom we have had a perfect association. Here we have an incredible night this Saturday and many more for all of us to savor ”, concluded the manager.

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