Ben Roethlisberger appears on the Steelers disabled list with a chest problem

Ben Roethlisberger appears on the Steelers disabled list with a chest problem

Head coach Tomlin admitted it was too many blows for his 39-year-old quarterback last Sunday.

PITTSBURGH – The Pittsburgh steelers added a significant name to the list of injured players this Tuesday: Ben roethlisberger.

The head coach Mike tomlin said the quarterback was dealing with a left pectoral injury, but said he did not know how it happened. It was not publicly disclosed during post-match interviews with Tomlin or Roethlisberger.

“I don’t know specifically when he got hurt Ben in the game, “he said Tomlin. “I don’t know if he knows. You know, sometimes in the middle of the competition, adrenaline and stuff, you just don’t know. Some things just pop up later.”

Roethlisberger was sacked just twice in the loss to Las vegas raiders, but he was hit 10 times. Tomlin He admitted that it was too much for his 39-year-old quarterback, and offered solutions that could prevent a repeat of the same from week to week.

“Yes, it was too much,” he said Tomlin. “He took too many hits. We can run the ball better. We can get the ball out of his hands faster. We can stick to the schedule and not lag behind on downs, and get into situations where the line of play is so far that that helps. the pressure on him. “

A week ago, Roethlisberger he said he felt some of the pain associated with the first game, and admitted it again after the second.

“I am disappointed that we lost the match, and I am disappointed that we did not play well enough to help us win the match,” he said on Sunday. “The bumps and bruises that come with football.”

The injury problems of the Steelers, however, they extend beyond Roethlisberger. Four Steelers are dealing with groin injuries, including Tj watt, who left the game in the first half. The also outside linebacker Alex highsmith He also deals with a groin injury that was not disclosed after the game. He was previously working with a groin problem during boot camp.

Devin Bush and Joe haden they also suffered groin injuries that kept them sidelined from Sunday’s match.

“I’m not making dramatic statements regarding the availability of these guys because of the degree of injury, the prognosis,” he said. Tomlin. “And the player himself changes the prognosis. We will give the boys a chance if they are close enough to help in practice. We will give them the opportunity to train during the week.

“And if they do debut, we will see the quality of that practice or how long they train and we will let that be the guide for us in terms of their potential participation. Some of the more established players may play with less preparation than others. … There are a lot of them. other variables in games, but we’re not too concerned about it. This is, you know, the tightrope we walk on week to week. “

The nose tackle Tyson alualu He also hit injured reserve with a broken ankle and underwent surgery Monday. The Steelers promoted the defensive lineman Henry mondeaux from the practice squad to fill the vacancy of Alualu.

The wide receiver Diontae johnson he hurt his knee on the final play of Sunday’s loss. Tomlin He was vague, but he remained optimistic about his status.

“It’s looking better, but not to be confused with great,” he warned. Tomlin. “We will monitor him and his health as we go through the week.”

Even with so many injuries in the face of a showdown of the AFC North with the Cincinnati Bengals, Tomlin He said the answers are “at home”.

“Thanks to the NFL Today, with the flexibility of practice squads and that, we have all the answers at home. I’m not necessarily concerned in terms of our expectations, in terms of our performance, “he reported.” We have a week to prepare with known issues. In-game injuries cause more problems than the known issues you deal with at the start of the week. “

To help with the injury situation, Steelers They signed the former first-round draft pick Charlton cue to the practice squad this Tuesday. Charlton spent two seasons with the Dallas cowboys, one with the Miami dolphins and one with the Kansas city chiefs. Joins the safety Karl Joseph as one of two former first-round recruits in the Los Angeles’ practice squad Steelers.

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