Once the Bears decide on rookie Justin Fields, there’s no comeback

Once the Bears decide on rookie Justin Fields, there's no comeback

Andy Dalton’s injury could accelerate a process that was going to happen anyway, when Chicago moved up the draft order on Ohio State’s product.

LAKE FOREST – Putting aside the bizarre Monday morning announcement that the veteran Andy dalton would remain as the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears, if healthy, the head coach Matt nagy faces a delicate issue while deciding on a passer to start next Sunday’s duel against the Cleveland browns.

Most signs point towards the newbie Justin fields making his first outing at the start of the regular season, despite the fact that Bears have not confirmed the extent of the left knee injury of Dalton, beyond ruling out an anterior cruciate ligament tear.

Once the Bears turn to Fields, it will be difficult to return to Dalton, ruling out injury.

“All those things, we have talked about them,” he said. Nagy on Monday. “We’ve discussed how things would be, the guesswork game, just to not make emotional decisions. And you also have to see how things go. It’s literally the process that you talk about with these quarterbacks and the players in general and with your offense. , defense, and special teams.

“Everything goes back to what we talked about from day one, which is worrying about today. We just try to stay in the moment for now. “

The signs have been there since Chicago traded to move up nine spots in the order of selection to take Fields N ° 11 global. It is the future. Dalton it is a bridge. The knee injury of Dalton it could have just sped up the process.

Fields It is far from being a finished product, as the city attested on Sunday when, at times, it suffered in front of visitors Cincinnati Bengals. He went 6-of-13 for 60 yards and an interception, and rushed 10 times for 31 yards. Fields he also had a sure touchdown pass that dropped the usually reliable Allen Robinson II.

“The one who fell back did a good job of attacking and then going back in cover,” he justified. Nagy when explaining the interception of Fields. “And then, they were on Cover-0. The cornerback that was [con el N°] 84 there –Marquise goodwin– he’s in tracking technique against a guy who runs pretty fast. Justin he was working on his progressions, Again, a new opportunity for him to learn.

“Right away, right when the ball came out, I knew it. But they did a good job defensively. The boy did a good job of anticipating for the interception. They are the different variations that he is going to see, and we simply want to prepare him as much as we can so that he understands how things are going ”.

The Bears they are prepared to live with those moments. Fields he’s too talented to ignore. Everytime that Fields it moves out of the pocket, it is a threat to escape long. The only thing missing right now is experience. Injury to Dalton open the door for me to get more.

Nagy you probably want the Browns remain in the uncertainty, which is why he turned the issue of who would be the headline in Cleveland. Dalton He couldn’t finish Sunday’s match, and therefore it’s a bigger question mark for Week 3. The whole episode is probably to spare.

But, the idea of ​​staying with Fields from now on it is important. There is no reason to send to Fields back to the bench unless required by injury.

“Talk to Justin last night, too, and we had a great conversation, and you know from that moment that if they put you in the game, it’s different; It is different than starting that first play of the match and being thrown there ”, he explained. Nagy regarding the performance of ups and downs of Fields against the Bengals.

“Really, it’s about the big picture for him, there are important things he can learn. But, he also did important things, too. And it’s one of the benefits of how he has played the quarterback position. And so again, just watching the video, things to learn from, things to grow into, I think it’s completely natural for a first-time quarterback in the game. NFL”.

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