Yermín Mercedes: a postseason resource?

Yermín Mercedes: a postseason resource?

After being sent to the minor leagues and a day-long “retirement”, the designated hitter has kept looking for a job with the Chicago White Sox.

Yermin Mercedes started the year as the hottest offensive player in the Big leagues. His historic start with eight consecutive hits, the pleasant impression of connecting hits consistently and to all parts of the field, as well as the ability he showed to correctly take advantage of his advantages over pitchers, made us think that we were in front of the birth of the next great designated hitter of MLB.

The reality is that the adjustments arrived, the pitchers had more opportunities to face Mercedes, added to the problems he had with the leader of Chicago White Sox, Tony La Russa and the overall poor performance, especially in June where he only hit a .159 average and a .411 OPS, which caused the organization to return him to its Triple A branch in the minor leagues.

Hence, the question could arise as to why he has not been given the opportunity to return to the big team, despite a good number of injuries suffered by the team of Chicago And with the rosters growing to 28 players a few weeks ago, there have not even been rumors that the player could return to the team, especially in the latter part of the season.

The first thing is to establish that Mercedes has remained effective in the minor leagues, although nothing similar to what was done in April of this year with White sox.

In 56 games with Charlotte knights During 2021, he boasts a batting average of .276, with a .319 on-base percentage (OBP) and a .476 slugging percentage (SLG), good for a .795 OPS. He has hit 11 home runs and has 29 RBIs. 210 official shifts. Numbers that, although they are not surprising, show that it is a piece of day to day for a team that needs offense.

This is where the possibility of Mercedes being a postseason resource for White sox. Many of its main players have had injuries and the season remains long, a fresh hitter with the ability to hit the ball well could be good for the team. Obviously, multiple situations must occur for that opportunity, the main one being a total commitment on the part of Mercedes to prevent incidents such as May or its 24-hour “retirement” from occurring.

What remains clear is that in and during the postseason race, Yermin Mercedes it would prove to be a useful tool for a team hard hit by injuries.

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