Argentina and Paraguay meet in the eighth of the Futsal World Cup

Argentina and Paraguay meet in the eighth of the Futsal World Cup

The round of 16 of the Futsal World Cup in Lithuania started in 2021. This Wednesday Russia, with enough scare, beat Vietnam 3 to 2 in the first turn while Venezuela and Morocco put together a great game that remained for the North Africans, with the same result of 3 to 2.

Argentina vs Paraguay face off in Vilna

From 11.30 am in the capital of Lithuania, the teams of Matías Lucuix and Carlos Chilavert will seek to reach the quarterfinals. At the same time, Kazakhstan and Thailand will contest their crossing.

World champion Argentina obtained a perfect score in Group F, with a historic win over the United States, a convincing victory against Serbia and a match that resolved some questions about fair play against Iran. It is that, unbelievably, coming second in Group F gave a priori a more accessible table towards the finals, without crossing with Brazil and / or Russia, two of the main candidates for the title.

But Lucuix’s team did not speculate, he beat the Iranians and goes for the defense of his crown, where the first obstacle that appears is Paraguay. Argentina has a hallmark: high pressure to recover and two pivots that make a difference and at the same time are different: with Alan Brandi a lot of back play and shots for penetrations. With Titi Borruto, fantasy, inspiration and rebellion assured.

Those of Chilavert only lost to Spain, a 0-4 too bulky especially for what Albirroja did in the first half. Then he thrashed Angola and defeated Japan with just enough and thus avoided Brazil in the second round, but he knows that Argentina is not so much easier.

Paraguay’s weapons are the same as always: a lot of order, a serious defense, and the ball to the Salas and Rejala brothers so that they can resolve on offense. The cons, a very short squad, which makes him physically suffer at the closing of the games.

The winner of this South American duel will face the winner of the cross between Russia and Vietnam in the quarterfinals on September 26.

Brazil vs Japan, in the second turn in Kaunas

From 2pm, one of the great contenders for the title, Brazil, will try to advance to the quarterfinals against Japan, in the match that will close the day.

If it were for the potential of the squad and for what has been shown so far, Brazil should spend the last day looking for the champion trophy. But the beauty of this sport is that until the final whistle, the last word is not said in a match. And much less in a tournament.

Brazil arrived here with a full of victories, 18 goals in favor and only 2 against. A true futsal hurricane, which includes a repertoire of quality and quantity of players and the best pivot (and perhaps the best player) in the world, Ferrao.

What can Japan oppose you? the usual: physical battle of intensity, deployment and speed. A priori it seems little to stop Brazil.

This is how the round of 16 pairings were

Wednesday September 22

Russia 3 – Vietnam 2

Venezuela 2 – Morocco 3

Thursday September 23

Kazakhstan – Thailand, 11.30am in Kaunas

Argentina – Paraguay, 11. 30 in Vilnius

Brazil – Japan at 14 in Kaunas.

Friday September 24

Uzbekistan – Iran, 11.30am in Vilnius

Portugal – Serbia, 14 at Kaunas

Spain – Czech Republic, 14 in Vilnius


Group A

Kazakhstan 6-1 Costa Rica

Lithuania 1-2 Venezuela

Costa Rica 0 – Venezuela 1

Lithuania 0 – Kazakhstan 3

Egypt 1 – Uzbekistan 2

Venezuela 1 – Kazakhstan 1

B Group

Russia 9- Egypt 0

Uzbekistan 4- Guatemala 5

Egypt 6 – Guatemala 3

Uzbekistan 2 – Russia 4

Guatemala 1 -Russia 4

Costa Rica 6 – Lithuania 2

Group C

Morocco 6-Solomon Islands 0

Portugal 4-Thailand 1

Solomon Islands 0 – Portugal 7

Thailand 1- Morocco 1

Solomon Islands 4 – Thailand 9

Portugal 3 – Morocco 3

Group D

Brazil 9- Vietnam 1

Czech Republic 5- Panama 1

Panama 2- Vietnam 3

Brazil 4 – Czech Republic 0

Czech Republic 1 – Vietnam 1

Brazil 5 – Panama 1

Group E

Angola 4- Japan 8

Spain 4- Paraguay 0

Spain 4 – Japan 2

Paraguay 4 – Angola 1

Japan 1- Paraguay 2

Spain 4 – Angola 1

Group F

Iran 3-Serbia 2

Argentina 11- United States 0

Iran 4 – United States 2

Argentina 4 – Serbia 2

United States 0 – Serbia 7

Argentina 2 – Iran 1

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